5 Favourite Instagram Accounts for Home Decor Ideas

Nov 11 2018

Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct Instagram is a hub of home decor ideas. With the millions of interior-obsessed users active on this humongous social platform, it’s one of the best places to get your design inspiration. From big brand accounts like House Beautiful, Grand Designs and similar, there are those smaller, quirkier accounts offering great interior inspiration too. We’ve picked out our five favourite Instagram accounts here in this post so getting your next load of home decor ideas is super easy. Happy scrolling!

1. @housebeautifuldecor

If you’re looking for unusual yet beautiful room styling tips, House Beautiful Decor is the account to follow. With stunning imagery of a wide range of room types and styles, not to mention their 135K followers, they’re dominating Instagram with their interior inspiration. Best Interior Design Instagram | Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct Their feed showers users with lots of stunning room sets including bedrooms, living rooms, children’s rooms and more, giving you style inspiration for a whole range of places in the home. What’s more, the account is so dedicated to sharing amazing interiors that no matter how big or small your account is, you can submit your own interior imagery with the chances of being featured in their feed.

2. @greenandmustard

Another account we adore is Green and Mustard. It was created by interior obsessed bloggers, Anna and Sally, who are mother and daughter-in-law. Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct Their inspiring Instagram content is massively inspired by their award-winning blog, which contains great design inspiration as well as practical tips too. You can get recent updates of the ongoing interior trends and more.
Useful Link: The Black Ceiling Is The New White, one of our favourite blog posts by them
Not content enough with having posts full of design inspiration, the Green And Mustard feed as a whole is effortlessly stunning. The themed imagery and considered layout helps to make their account look aesthetically pleasing even when you're quickly scrolling through. Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct Plus, if you’re one who loves reposting pictures on Instagram, you can easily share their posts in a particular colour or style to match and enhance your own feed.

3. @witanddelight_

Our third favourite Instagram account is Wit And Delight, ran by Kate Arends, lifestyle blogger and founder of Wit And Delight. Originally started as an interior blog, they now sell creative prints in on-brand, neutral shades, quaint stationery such as pencils and notebooks, plus tote bags. On their feed, you can see a mix of internal and external decor in a range of styles, each designed to bring each property to life. In the first image, there’s a mix of white tiled walls and a beautiful, bright orange bohemian rug. The second looks country-like, with beige stone walls, oak furniture and stone vases filled with plants. So, whether your home confines to a particular style or not, from the Wit And Delight feed, you’ll see a mix of many. Best Interior Design Instagram | Interior Design Inspiration | Your Blinds Direct Kate also brings a personal touch to her profile by incorporating subtle selfies that showcase fantastic decor as well as those of her family. The below image shows an update of her daughter of which stage she’s at when learning to walk. As you can see from the caption, “we’ve got a crawler!” Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct

4. @jonathanadler

Now, this account features interior decor that’s styled and loved by NYC interior designer, Jonathan Adler. Jonathan began his journey into interiors through his love of pottery. He has now set up a design company that goes by his name, offering “over 20 stores worldwide, a thriving e-commerce site, a full slate of residential and commercial projects, and a wholesale business boasting over 1,000 locations globally.” The vision for design is “to create luxe and livable interiors that are seriously designed, but don’t take themselves too seriously,” and we can’t get enough of it. Two of our most favourite interiors are shown below. Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct The first showcases two highly decorative and contrasting patterns in the wallpaper and carpets, which is then paired with bright furnishings and wall art and pyramid shaped accessories. You can also see an overload of lilacs and lavenders which we’re loving. The next is of a stylish, chic office, where each element of the room seems to work in pairs. For example, the main feature of the room contains a bold monochrome painting of a giraffe to placed on their white wooden wall panels. The giraffe print is then mimicked in a rug flooring in a creamy beige shade. Then, this patterning is then contrasted with a black and white marble skirting board that brings a luxe feel to the room and is matched in the marble desk table top. Finally, there is a dash of metallic golds within the wall lighting and desk legs that are both thin, tubular shapes. This is contrasted by the large, metallic domed lamp sitting on the desk. All in all, it’s another room filled with mind-blowing decor and hidden style surprises that tie the room together and give it its expensive touch. Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct

5. @ikea

As the biggest furniture retailer in the world, with a multi-billion pound turnover, IKEA gives us not only great interior inspiration but also affordable products that you can easily incorporate to your home without the price tag of a upmarket design houses. So, it’s inevitable we had to include it here. With a feed consisting of customer interiors, insights from design bloggers and launches of their new products, each scroll takes you through mesmerising images of not only stunning room sets but amazing, achievable decor and styles that won’t break the bank to recreate. Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct The IKEA feed nicely fits into a theme based on colour and products, giving you an aesthetically pleasing profile to look at as well as challenging the typical homeowner’s desire for basic, beige and white rooms. Instead of seeing bright, bold blues and fearing them, you can fall in love with these colours and transfer them into your own home, knowing they’ll look as they do on the image for you can easily buy each item of furniture from one, convenient place. Home Decor Ideas | Your Blinds Direct Plus, as previously mentioned, they also feature posts from interior bloggers as shown above. Here they share insights into the top designers’ homes the current design trends that are entering the scene. For those who are home-decor mad, you can easily stay on top of interior trends by following their account and receiving their regular updates.


There are plenty of other interior design accounts you can follow for some great inspiration. It all depends on your individual taste, budget and house size to which accounts give you the best content. For us and our broad audience, we feel the above five Instagram accounts offer something for everyone. We also take pride in our own Instagram account. Here we offer you style tips, share interior design trends and the latest products we’re carefully creating. You can follow us on Instagram or alternatively, we invite you to join us on Pinterest where we have lots of interior inspiration bundled up into separate boards.

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