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How To Measure For Roller Blinds

May 17 2021

Roller blinds are a simple and practical way to dress a window. With easy chain operation and the option to motorise them, it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice.

Whether you’re choosing a roller blind for a large bedroom window or for a small bathroom window, getting the measurements right is crucial. We want to help you to take the most accurate measurements possible so you get the sleek, contemporary finish you’re looking for. With this in mind, this month we’ve got a guide on how to measure for roller blinds that you can take tips from.

Measure roller blinds

There are two ways you can fit roller blinds; inside the recess of the window, or on the outside of the recess. Here’s what you need to do in each instance:

Measuring inside the window recess

For a roller blind to be hung inside the recess, there are several measurements to take to ensure a good fit. 

  • Measuring for the width: take width measurements from the top, middle and bottom, going horizontally from wall to wall inside the recess.
  • Measuring for the drop: take drop measurements from the left, the middle and the right from the ceiling in the recess to the bottom.

This will give you accurate measurements for your window recess. You will then use the shortest drop - to avoid drooping - and the slimmest width. If you order using Recess size, we will automatically take the tolerances off for you. If you are using exact size inside a Recess, then please use the guide below to remove your own tolerances. 


Recess to Exact width = -5mm Standard roller Exact to Cloth width = -30mm Cassette roller Exact to Cloth width = -35mm *Please note these can sometimes vary by 1mm


Measuring outside the window recess

When you’re fitting a roller blind outside the window recess (face fix) to cover the whole area, we call this ‘exact size’. This involves fewer measurements and we do not adjust from the measurements you give us.

  • Measuring for the width: take one width measurement, giving enough room for the blind fabric to equally overlap each side of the recess. This will provide full coverage and an even look. (see below for fabric widths)
  • Measuring for the drop: take one drop measurement from the height at which you intend to fit the blind, down to where you’d like it to reach.


Standard roller Exact to Cloth width = -30mm Cassette roller Exact to Cloth width = -35mm *Please note these can sometimes vary by 1mm Roller blinds in kitchen

Tips to make measuring for roller blinds easy

Here are some other handy tips for measuring roller blinds in your home to ensure you get the best results:

Check your recess has 90mm of depth if you intend to fit a roller blind inside the recess

Have a pencil, metal measuring tape and some paper handy - this will make things easier and quicker

Be accurate and don’t round up or down - this will ensure you get the best possible fit

If you’re fitting blinds for more than one window, measure each window as there may be small variances that are not obvious to the naked eye

Check for obstructions at the side of your windows or inside the recess itself to ensure there is space for the blind to operate smoothly

Measure twice to be sure you’ve got the most accurate measurements

Roller blinds from Your Blinds Direct

Cream roller blinds

From neutral, calming colours to statement pieces that liven up your living space, whatever you need when it comes to roller blinds, you can find it with us at Your Blinds Direct. We offer a range of fabric options - including blackout roller blinds - and we can even motorise your roller blinds for ease of use with our optional smart hubs.

If you’re unsure about how best to measure for your roller blinds or you have an irregular window size, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more advice and guidance - we’re always happy to help. 

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