How To Fit Your Window Blinds

Feb 24 2018

Fitting window blinds

One of the reasons you might not have opted for a beautiful new window blind is the issue of fitting it. You might not feel confident doing it yourself or may not have the time or the tools to do your own fitting.

For those of you that have good DIY and craft skills and don't mind fitting your own, we have PDF instructions available on our website that you can download and follow. There are also some video tutorials to guide you.

Hiring A Window Blinds Fitter

If you're still a little unsure, there are some easy ways to find someone who can help when it comes to fitting your blinds. You can always try searching your local classifieds for a handyperson who can come and fit your blinds for you. To someone who has experience it should be quite a straightforward job and they should come prepared with the tools and fittings they'll need (be sure to let them know that screws are needed - we don't supply these as standard due to the fact that each window can have it's own unique requirements).

Another popular method of finding someone to help you fit your blinds is the website My Hammer. Not only will you be able to search for Tradespeople in your local area, you'll also be able to see reviews to help you make an informed decision on who to hire. You can also post your request for free and receive quotes from local experts.

Be aware that you will need to inform a fitter beforehand of any unusual issues or considerations, such as a bay window or large lintel directly above your window. An experienced fitter will know how to get around these issues and can arrive prepared with the correct tools and fixings.

Blinds In Bay Windows

We've added our handy little diagram for measuring and fitting blinds into bay windows, to help ensure that there are no gaps between blinds once fitted.

Measuring for bay windows