Reflective Fabrics for Keeping Cool

Aug 14 2016

Blinds don’t just offer you privacy, they also give you solar control. Strong sunlight can heat up a room, bleach items, cause heat damage and leave you dazzled so getting the right blinds for your room is important. Although all blinds will offer some level of protection against sunlight, it’s worth keeping in mind any additional properties that may help in particularly bright and hot rooms.

ASC (Advanced Solar Control) Coating

This collection of specially formulated fabrics have a coating that reflects solar radiation, reducing the temperature in a room by up to 66% in the Summer months. This is an ideal solution for conservatories and office spaces, which can become uncomfortable when the temperature level gets too high.

UV Block

All roller blinds will block UV rays to an extent, but some have full UV protection. You can check the UV rating of our individual blinds by clicking on the Additional Information tab.

Pleated blinds are particularly good at solar control which is what makes them such a popular choice for conservatories. There are a number of ASC fabrics available in the range.