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10 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Room

Aug 18 2017

If you don’t want to fully redecorate your room but are just looking for ways to freshen up the look, here are 10 simple tricks that you can try this weekend.

1. Update Your Accessories

Co-ordinate a selection of new cushions with a soft, fluffy throw and you have an instant room pick me up and a cosy sofa to relax on while you watch your favourite movie. Go for a mix of textures for a really stylish finish.

2. Add A Warm Rug

There’s nothing better than relaxing with your toes in a warm fluffy rug after a busy day at work, especially if you have a fireplace in your lounge. Choose one that fits the width of your sofa and stop it from slipping by placing the sofa legs on the corners. Or choose a smaller rug for next to your bed so that you start out each day with a little luxury.

3. A Bright Coat Of Paint

Choose one wall to feature and add a bold colour to it that co-ordinates with your room accessories. Use tape around the edges to get a clean line and use a roller for speed. Make sure you have a dust sheet or newspaper to protect your floor and a stepladder for reaching the top of the wall. With a bit pf planning, this is a project that can be carried out quickly and easily.

4. Add Wallpaper Or A Mural

If you don’t want to paint then select a beautiful wallpaper instead. There are some beautifully textured designs available that will transform your room, including shimmering flowers, elegant repeating patterns or textured, exposed brick designs. A large mural will give a similar effect and can be added temporarily if you're renting, by using a product like Blu-Tack or 3M Command Strips in the corners.

5. Creating A Feature Wall

If you don’t want to get into painting or wallpapering to create your featured wall then why not get some of your images printed out locally, select a range of nice frames and create a collage feature. Find a local print shop or take your images to Boots, shop your local high street for some pretty frames in different sizes and use 3M Command Hooks to create a collage of your treasured memories.

6. Vertical Blinds

If you have vertical blinds it’s very easy to switch your blind slats around to create a fresh look. If you add an extra set of slats in a different colour and texture at the time of original purchase, then you can change your look seasonally or even mix and match the slats for something unique and quirky. It's easy to remove slats by unclipping the chain from the bottom and unhooking them from the headrail.

7. Mood Lighting

Set the mood with some elegant lighting. Adding mood lighting is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere in your room - matching floor and table lamps can add an instant touch of class. Even cheap fairy lights draped stylishly across furnishings or hung across a bare wall can quickly give a room a cosy look.

8. Natural Greenery

Enhance a room with some evergreen plants. They can transform the look of a room, especially in bathrooms and kitchens where they automatically receive needed moisture. For an instant lift in your room, go out and buy a pretty vase and a bunch of fresh flowers. Make a feature of them and let the fresh scent fill your room.

9. Drapes

For a touch of class, try adding drapes at the side of your windows or above the bed. Drapes give an instant feel of luxury and added warmth and so are particularly good during the Winter months as additional protection against draughts. Again, using 3M Command Hooks you can get creative and easily add fabrics to your walls to enhance the look of a room.

10. A Room Divider

You can pick up some great open shelves cheaply from strores such as Ikea that you can then add baskets, books, vases and other accessories to. These are a fantastic way of segmenting a room, especially in modern flats where the lounge and kitchen are together, or in a living room where you’d like to create a seperate working space.

We hope you like these ideas and would love for you to share images of your own decorating projects with us.