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Child Safety

Your Blinds Direct have always put child safety first and include various child safety elements with our blinds as standard. We strongly advise that parents ensure that all cords are out of reach of tiny hands and that no furniture is placed near to windows that could encourage climbing. Below are some of the items used to ensure child safety.


Blinds Cleat Safety Accessory Cleats are small plastic brackets that attach to your wall, allowing for loose cable to be wound around them. Ensure that they are at a suitable, out-of-reach height when you attach them. Whenever opening and closing your blinds, ensure that all loose cord is wound tightly around the cleat. These are mostly used for venetians but can be used for other blind styles too.

Cord Box

Child safety blind cord box Designed for roller blinds, this is similar in idea to a cleat although it is an enclosed box that contains the cord. The bracket is attached to the wall and the blind chain cut to size so that it fits around the hook on the bracket. The front of the box is then clipped on so that the chain passes through it when being opened and closed. It’s a very effective solution and also gives a very neat finish.

Easy Break Chain

Easy break chain for blinds An effective way to make roller blinds even safer is by adding an easy break link into your chain. Cut your chain to as short a length as is practical then simply clip it back together using an easy break link. Add another one further up the chain facing in the opposite direction to ensure that the chain separates easily in case of an emergency. Be sure that you can wind your blind all the way up and down before cutting the chain.

We are members of the BBSA and welcomed the new child safety regulations that came into force in 2014, which includes more stringent component safety checks and minimum specifications for all new blinds.

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