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4 Winter Window Trends To Lift Your Mood

Jan 28 2019

Black Venetian Blind

With winter officially upon us, the short days and long, cold nights can create an uninviting atmosphere negatively impacting your mood. The sun may be gone, but turning to your interiors to brighten up your day can help to beat the winter blues.

Decorating your home with certain colours, prints and textures can really make a difference and uplift your mood. Whether you want a full winter interior overhaul or just to jazz up a couple of rooms, here are four winter interior trends to make these gloomy months more bearable.

1. Velvet Textures

The velvet interior trend has become hugely popular this year and is a perfect way to add warmth to your home over the winter months. The silky-soft texture of velvet effortlessly adds an air of elegance to any room, creating a stylish yet cosy feel.

Whilst its opulent look and feel may seem like it should cost a fortune, it definitely doesn't have to! There’s a huge variety of affordable velvet soft furnishings in every shade you could wish for. However, our favourite to make a statement at your window is the Palette Plum Roller Blind. The soft chenille fabric adds both warmth and texture, and the thick fabric helps to keep heat in - ideal for the cold months ahead. As purple and mauve are often associated with calming and uplifting feelings, as well as royalty and luxury, this blind is the perfect choice to lift your mood this winter.

Add statement cushions and lampshades in deeper plum tones to complement the more neutral mauve shades in the roller blind and furniture pieces. Opting for quilted throws or a chunky knitted footstool adds further texture to the room and coloured glass light fixtures add a pop of colour whilst lighting your room.

Winter Window Trends 2018 | Interior Design Trends

2. Reflective Finishes

Reflective surfaces like mirrors or metallics that bounce light are instant mood lifters. The extra light created by these pieces both brightens up a room and makes a space look bigger than it really is.

Entrance halls are often narrow and can be quite confined, so are the perfect area of your home to try this trend out. Our Silver Birch Roller Blinds combines bright, light-bouncing tones with a beautiful silver-toned wintry tree branch print, as well as giving extra privacy to your entrance area.

The colours and tones within the Silver Birch Roller Blind lend themselves perfectly to create a bright and airy space with metallic silver and chrome-finish accessories. Use mirrors and glass surfaces to add a glamorous feel, while keeping your look contemporary by choosing furniture and accessories with strong geometric shapes. Add soft furnishings in tactile materials such as velvet or faux fur to keep this cool colour scheme welcoming and warm.

Winter Window Trends 2018 | Interior Design Trends

3. Metallic Accents

Adding metallic accents to a room is a super easy way to refresh and enhance your interior decor with new tones and textures. Silver, platinum and chrome fall under the cool metallics category whilst gold, copper and bronze are the go-to warm metallic options. Any of these metals, or a combination, can be used to add a flash of shine and contrast, warming up or cooling down a room.

The ever-popular copper tones are a fitting choice for the cold winter months, adding the desired metallic accents whilst also warming up any space. Our  Palette Copper Vertical Blind brings a feel-good factor to your interiors as the days get darker, with its warming orangey-brown tones.

Add flashes of copper metallics with lighting fixtures, candle holders or even furniture pieces like side tables. Accessorise with rugs, cushions and throws in similar tones and experiment with different textures to create a cosy, warm and welcoming feel.

Winter Window Trends 2018 | Interior Design Trends

4. Hot Hues

Adding ‘hot hues’ like rich reds or burnt oranges to a neutral setting is one of the easiest ways to instantly inject warmth into any space. The addition of a bright and uplifting colour really can impact and improve your mood, by adding energy to a room.

Instead of the traditional warm tones usually seen at this time of year, our favourite way to make a statement with ‘hot hues’ this season is with the Banlight Duo FR Cerise Roller Blind. The bright redcurrant shade is perfect to add a pop of colour and enhance your mood on a dull day.

We think this shade looks great in a large kitchen-diner area, where the bold statement colour can be carried off. Pick up the stunning redcurrant shade throughout the room, through soft furnishings like towels or placemats. Paired with pale pistachio green dining chairs and lighting fixtures, this colour combination is sure to create an energised space you’ll love spending time in.

Winter Window Trends 2018 | Interior Design Trends


With these four winter trends, you can easily and affordably give your interiors an update, brightening your home and lifting your mood. For most, a whole interior revamp is unachievable, so opting for one of our blinds to make a statement and combining it with a few key accessories can make all the difference to your home.

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