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Cleaning Guide for Blinds (Part 1)

Jan 24 2022

Do you need help with how to clean your blinds? Well, you have come to the right place! We will be sharing a Cleaning Guide for blinds and this week we are focusing on Roller, Senses Roller, Roman, Allusion and Vertical blinds. We do have a very basic cleaning guide situated in our “Guides and Instructions” tab on the website. In today's post, we will be giving a more detailed breakdown of how to achieve spotless blinds all the time!

Cleaning Guide for Roller and Senses Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are amongst the easiest blinds to clean. At Your Blinds Direct, we do offer roller blinds with wipe clean features that are made up of a PVC based fabric. With our standard roller blinds, we do recommend weekly dusting to avoid a buildup. We can also recommend using an upholstery attachment connected to your vacuum to get rid of the dust quickly.

Cleaning Guide for blinds

Banlight Duo FR Glacier Blue

No need to remove the blind from the headrail, just simply unroll the blind and dust from top to bottom then roll back up. In the case of a potential stain, we recommend a damp cloth with gentle swipes across the stain. Do not rub too harshly as you don’t want to discolor the blind and let the blind dry before rolling back up. Lastly, only use non-solvent based detergents to avoid further staining.

Cleaning Guide for Roman Blinds

Our roman blinds are a great alternative to curtains due to the thickness of the blind. They are also easier to clean than curtains. Like cleaning roller blinds, roman blinds only require frequent dusting. Using the upholstery attachment again is a great way to gently remove build-up. If in the circumstance of a stain be sure to use a cloth with non-solvent solution and dab gently so the fabric stays intact. Clean from the top of the blind to the bottom. If you need to use a damp cloth to remove a stain, then let it dry before folding the blind back up to avoid mould.

Cleaning Guide for blinds

Zyra Linen Roman Blind

Cleaning Guide for Allusion Blinds

Such a stylish addition to your window. Allusion blinds are not likely to collect too much dust and dirt but can be easily wiped with a damp cloth to remove any stains. They are not high maintenance by any means, and you can also use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum to lightly take off a buildup of dust if it occurs. If you find that your allusion blinds need a deeper clean, then proceed as follows. Hand wash gently in lukewarm water with a small amount of detergent then hang straight to drip dry. Do not iron.

cleaning guide for blinds

Vista Snow Allusion Blind

Cleaning Guide for Vertical Blinds

You can clean your vertical blinds without having to take them down. Start with the headrail then simply dust from the top of the blind to the bottom. Do this regularly to avoid a buildup of dust. A quick way to collect dust is to use the upholstery attachment of the vacuum. It helps to pick up dust in hard-to-reach places. We also have a collection of “wipe clean” blinds available on the website. This information is detailed in the features section of the product.

Cleaning Guide for blinds

Polaris Pastel Lilac Vertical Blind

There is a lot of advice online that says you can put your vertical blinds in the washing machine. This isn’t something we recommend as the blinds are delicate and could fray. Instead, we suggest a delicate hand wash but only if necessary. Wiping marks that may occur with a damp cloth and suitable detergent would be fine. Try your detergent on a hidden section of the blind to make sure it doesn’t remove the colour or affect the blind.

We hope that this has given you some confidence when it comes to cleaning these specific blind types. Part two of the blog post will follow where we will discuss our Venetian, Faux Wood, and Vision blinds. Overall blinds are delicate but with regular dusting they are hassle-free and a great way to dress your window.

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