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Are Blinds Better Inside or Outside the Window Recess?

Mar 12 2024

The fitting of the blinds in your home can make all the difference to how they make the room feel, both visually and from a functional perspective. You have two main options regarding how your window blinds can be fitted: inside the recess and outside the recess. Some homeowners will opt for one option over the other simply due to personal preference. Still, the decision can help to make a room feel larger or smaller, and certain types of blinds are better suited to being positioned inside or outside of the recess due to how they operate. That’s why, this month at Your Blinds Direct, we’re going to explore this topic in more detail to help you decide which is best for your home.  Are blinds better inside or outside the window recess?  

What is a window recess?

What is a window recess? Let’s start by clarifying what we mean when discussing your window recess.  Your windows will likely sit inside a depression that comes with a sill or ledge on the inside. The depth of this area, between your internal wall and where your window is, is known as the window recess. It should be noted that some homes may not have a window recess, or at least not a very deep one, but they are common across most homes in the UK.  

Blinds on the outside of a window recess

Blinds on the outside of a window recess If choosing to position your blinds outside of the window recess, you’ll need to consider the extra material and additional cassette length. This will allow the blinds to reach a little extra on either side of the recess to provide full coverage of the window, as opposed to allowing gaps at the edges.  One advantage of this option is that you retain space on your window sill on which to place items, which you don’t get if the blinds are in the recess and have to be raised and lowered. The potential disadvantage of blinds fitted outside of the recess is that they can make a room feel smaller, so it’s not ideal for rooms that already feel a little cramped. We recommend roller blinds outside the window recess as they are more robust and less likely to sway. Why not try our Polaris Blackout Honey Senses option? Offering a pop of bright colour, they come with blackout fabric to shut out light more effectively when lowered.  

Blinds on the inside of a window recess

Blinds on the inside of a window recess For homeowners looking for an efficient, smart look in a room, then fitting blinds inside the window recess is the ideal answer. They’ll be attached within the recess so that they’re kept out of the way as you go about your day.  You still get full coverage of the window, giving you control over your privacy and lighting, you just need to bear in mind that you won’t have as much room on the ledge of the recess for items if you want to fully lower your blind. For a striking but functional blind inside your window recess, why not try our new Sunwood Chroma Venetian blind? A faux wood option that adds a classic look to any room.  Do you want the best of both worlds? A blind that sits inside your recess and retains your sill space? Why not consider the popular Perfect Fit range, which fits into the window frame itself without the need for any drilling or screws. Primitivo White Blackout Perfect Fit pleated blinds blinds clip into the frame of your window with zero hassle and can fully block out light for bedrooms.  

Will blinds actually fit in a recess?

Blinds easily fit inside window recesses when it’s either square or rectangular - it’s all a matter of making sure you get the measurements right. You’ll usually need three measurements for both the width and drop, ensuring you take the smallest measurement so that the blind will fit.  You can get more guidance on measuring for various blind styles inside the window recess on our guides and instructions page.  

Final considerations

Final considerations when looking to fit blinds Ultimately, when it comes to which is better, you need to find what is right for your needs and the design of your home. Sometimes it's a question of taste and other times the practical considerations will help you make the choice, such as:  
  • How much light you want to allow in - Do you need to cover the whole window? Or do you want to maximise the amount of light you let in?
  • The shape of your window - If you have an unusually shaped window, it might be easier to fit a blind outside of the recess.
  • How much depth there is to the recess - Windows with enough depth can accommodate both blinds and any items you want to keep on the sill.
  Here at Your Blinds Direct, we offer a wide range of beautifully handmade blinds for both inside and outside the window recess. We provide made-to-measure blinds including roller blinds, vertical blinds and window shutters tailoring them to your window specifically, giving you the look and feel you want for your home in the UK. With styles to suit every window in your home, look no further than our fantastic collection and place your order online today. For more help and information, don’t hesitate to contact us.