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6 Autumn Shades To Heat Up Your Home & Promote Your Wellbeing

Oct 01 2018

  The changing of the seasons often brings with it a change in our mood and wellbeing too. With September starting, it’s official, summer is over. To avoid the dreaded winter blues, we’re heating up your home and brightening your mood with our warm autumn colour palette. To learn more on which colours you should be incorporating into your rooms to promote your wellbeing, continue reading.

1. Burnt Oranges

First things first, the most stand out autumnal shade we’re loving is the beautiful burnt orange. This shade is often associated with the transition from summer to autumn, found in leaves, bonfires and of course, pumpkins. When used appropriately, orange is a great mood-boosting tone that has connotations of warmth, joy and socialising. It has a strong emotional presence that promotes extroverted behaviour, great for spaces where people will be interacting like a living room. However, because orange contains elements of red, it can be overused which has a damaging effect on your mood. Too much orange or an orange that is too bright causes frustration and irritation. You can easily include this colour in a subtle and simple way through the use of our Capri Sunset Vision Blind.

2. Mustard Yellows

Before the leaves change from luscious greens to crisp oranges, we get bright, mustard yellows. These tones are suitable for enhancing all room types as yellow has connotations of optimism and mental clarity. We suggest slipping it into a kitchen or child’s playroom to bring happiness and positivity to what can be chaotic and messy environments. By adding it through our Highland Ochre, tartan pattern blind, you can ensure the yellow isn’t too overpowering but instead, gently enhance the room and in turn, your mood.

3. Olive Greens

The muted olive greens found in plants as they near the end of their growing season is surprisingly one of the greatest shades for bring balance, peace and a sense of refreshment to your home. It’s excellent at reducing stress so is ideal for a home office or busy kitchen. You can also add this shade into your home through house plants which are great for cleaning the air and removing any pollution within the air from furniture, home cleaning products and more. Use our textured Hampton Sea Breeze Roller blind to bring texture into your home and create a stress-free, nature-inspired haven.

4. Deep Mulberry

Particularly when we’ve experienced a typical autumn downpour, you’ll find nature seems a lot darker. Instead of the vibrant orange autumn leaves, they become muted and a deeper brown-purple tone. For your home, this dark mulberry shade is ideal for stimulating creativity and artistic ability, particularly for teenage girls. As a result, this makes it a suitable addition to a bedroom. Our Otto Mulberry Roller Blind enhances a window space with its delicate, wave design, texturised feel and royal looking silk finish.

5. Crushed Berry Reds

Red signifies strength and power. It can dominate a room and so, we recommend using it as an accent colour instead of the primary shade in your decor. For example in a dining room, when incorporated through your blind, tablecloth or lampshade, it makes it a simple statement, gives you the authority when hosting a dinner party, without making the room unwelcoming. The below featured blind is our Crush Asc Red Pleated blind, a popular choice by many.

6. Light Neutrals

Lastly, our final shade that completes our autumn colour palette, is a range of light neutrals. These include beige tones, creams, light greys and whites. This gives you a great base for decorating any room, without making it too dark with heavy neutrals such as charcoals, blacks and deeper greys. Light neutrals are great to calm your mood and create a soft, light atmosphere. Hence, we suggest incorporating these as the basis of a living room, hallway, bedroom and more. We recommend using either our Carnival Ivory Roller Blind or our Monterey Sand Roller Blind to achieve a bright yet simple window space, perfect for letting light into your home and creating a relaxing interior.


Before the winter blues sets in, it’s crucial to consider how best to enhance your home through simple, affordable decor changes that will help promote your wellbeing. Through swapping the shade of your blind, cushions or kitchen accessories, you can easily transform your home into a happy place to retreat this winter. The importance of mental health is extremely topical right now and we’re keen to raise awareness and educate our readers on how best to look after yourself both in and outside of your home.

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