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Five Inspiring Bedroom Blinds Ideas

Aug 31 2021

After a long day, the place we all yearn to be is in the bedroom. Whether that’s to get a good night’s rest or to get dressed for a night out, it’s a room that’s personal to each individual. 

This can sometimes make choosing the right blinds for your room difficult, but to help show you how there’s a blind to suit any need, we’ve got five inspiring bedroom blinds ideas. Each one of these meets a different need, whether that’s based on style or functionality. 

Cream vision blinds in the bedroom

Take a look and, if you’re struggling to choose the right bedroom window blinds, why not make the most of our fantastic range here at Your Blinds Direct.

For the night shift workers

Rattan Slate Bedroom Blind

Most of us have needed to catch a few winks or take a siesta, but sleeping during the day for some is simply a necessity, not a choice. Night shift workers need to get their recommended eight hours of sleep during the day, which can be difficult when the sun is shining for long periods. 

So what can be done about this? Well, we recommend the Rattan Slate Roman blind. A sophisticated slate shade, available with a blackout lining, you can create the dark space you need without compromising on style.

For the kids’ bedroom

Disney classics blind for kids bedroom

We all know that when it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom, they want something fun, bright and recognisable. It’s a difficult task at the best of times, especially if you’re trying to keep the decor from going completely wild and rogue. 

How do you get something tidy looking that will still please the kids? With Disney, of course! We recommend our Disney roller blinds, available with a range of characters from the classics - like the Lion King - to more modern favourites such as Frozen.

For those who like their privacy

Rimini Elm Bedroom Blind

Do you have a bungalow where your neighbours can easily view your bedroom? Or do you have a house overlooked by taller buildings? Whatever the situation, knowing that anyone can see into your private sanctum is going to ruin it for you - and having the blinds down the whole time is going to leave things dark and uninviting during the day. 

However, with the right blinds in place, you can get both privacy and control over lighting. For this situation, we’re recommending the Rimini Elm from the Vision range. This provides translucent panels alongside cooling grey coloured panels, adjustable to be completely closed at night or opened as much as you like to let light in, the panels overlap to suit your mood.

For those who want a natural look

Sunwood Lima Bedroom Blind

If your main objective is to create a stylish theme for your bedroom, it can be hard to settle on something. But remember that when it comes to decor, you can pair different materials, so even if you have metal furnishings, you can complete a more warm, rustic look with the tone of your blinds. 

When you want that natural, faux wood look for your window - whether it’s for contrast or to match - we have a full range of Sunwood blinds. The warm chestnut colour of the Sunwood Lima faux wood blinds are perfect for offsetting lighter walls and furnishings.

For bedrooms that get too hot in summer

When the summer sun hits your windows, it can sometimes turn your bedroom into a suntrap, often long into the evening. No one wants to feel like they’re being cooked in their bedroom and since we don’t often have air conditioning as standard in homes here in the UK, you might feel like there’s nothing you can do. 

The solution might be easier than you think, however, with Alpine Thermal blinds. We provide these stunning white blinds to both brighten your room and reflect the sunlight, thanks to a thermal backing. This means you get a cooler bedroom with a luxury Venetian blind.

Here at Your Blinds Direct, we have bedroom window blinds to suit every style and functionality consideration from roller blinds to vision blinds. We serve customers nationwide - simply view our huge range of blinds styles and order your free sample online today.