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Top 3 bedroom blind types

Apr 29 2022

There are certain features that add up to make the perfect bedroom blinds. One feature would be level 5 dimout. It is important to block out as much light as possible to avoid interrupting sleep. Especially through the summer months with lighter mornings! A top tip would be to hang your blind outside of the recess (exact size on our measuring guides). This helps to eliminate the light that will shine around the edges of your blind when fitted within the recess. Instead, choosing the exact size allows the blind to sit flush against your wall. So, add a couple of cm/mm for the blind to overlap your window surrounding and windowsill. Lastly, A blind that you can wipe or dust clean is also important as bacteria build up in bedrooms is inevitable. Really, if all you need is low maintenance, but stylish blinds then we have you covered!  

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are an obvious choice for your bedroom. Made from high-quality fabric that dresses a window so elegantly. To clean, simply use the upholstery attachment of your vacuum. This will lift any dust build-up and leave your blind as good as new. For a deep clean, they can be dry cleaned. Roman blinds are an excellent choice as we offer a blackout lining for free which adds a thicker layer to the blind that blocks out sunlight when extended down.

*Featuring our Shibuya Sky Roman Blind*

Roller Blinds

While they hold similar features to roman blinds, roller blinds are thinner in fabric. However, they are still extremely functional and an ideal choice for your bedroom. With certain collections such as a Banlight duo fr and Polaris blackout fabrics, you can be guaranteed complete privacy when your blind is hanging down over your window. Finally, our roller blinds only require to be wiped clean if necessary, so again, another low maintenance blind that’s great for your bedroom.   bedroom

 *Featuring our Polaris Blackout Grey*

Vertical Blinds

Last but not least, is our vertical blinds. Affordable and practical with excellent light control. A great choice if you have balcony doors in your bedroom or just larger windows. Our vertical blinds hold the same properties as our roller blinds as they are made from the same fabrics just manufactured into a different style. With the long slats, you have flexible control over light and privacy, which is another reason that these blinds are a fantastic choice for your bedroom. Again, focus on our Banlight duo fr and our Polaris blackout fabrics for the highest level of dimout properties. bedroom

 *Featuring our Banlight duo fr white*

  It is important to choose your blinds based on their functionality for the specific room that they are intended for. If you need more expert advice, please get in touch. We hope you found the content featured today helpful in your search for bedroom blinds. All styles featured can all be found on our website. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages for more inspiration on how to find your perfect blinds. Your Blinds Direct is a leading UK manufacturer of beautiful made-to-measure window blinds, serving customers nationwide. Have a peek at our website today for a huge selection of blind styles, materials, and designs and order up to 8 FREE samples today.