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Best Blinds For A Conservatory

Feb 07 2022

If you’ve invested in your property by adding a conservatory or orangery, you’ll want to be able to use it whatever the weather. However, you might be put off by blinding sunlight or chilly temperatures if your conservatory is draughty and isolated. For that reason, conservatory blinds are a must-have addition, with different blind styles bringing unique features and benefits. That’s why this month, at Your Blinds Direct, we’ll take you through some of the most popular blinds for conservatories and answer the question of whether you can have any blind style in a conservatory. We’re always here to help you find the right blinds to pair with any room. Whether you’re considering the practical benefits or just looking to make a room more visually appealing, you can buy blinds directly from our site to match your dream decor.   Best conservatory blinds  

Can you put any blinds in a conservatory?

Let’s start by addressing whether you can use any blind style in a conservatory. The answer here is almost always yes, but of course, that comes with the caveat that not all conservatories are exactly the same in terms of shape or dimensions.  Some blinds will be better suited to conservatories that have been constructed with full window recesses, while others may not have such recesses, thereby limiting your options. You may also want to think about these questions when you’re choosing the blinds for your conservatory:
  • Will they make a room feel smaller?
  • Do you have large windows to cover?
  • Will the material be constantly exposed to direct sunlight?
The following are six blind styles that we find are most popular for conservatories, in no particular order:  

Vertical blinds for a conservatory

Vertical blinds are ideal for conservatories if you’re looking for a practical solution. With careful control, you can adjust lighting and privacy, and with full-length slats, you can fit these blinds from floor to ceiling.  Providing a more formal look, vertical blinds are great for conservatories if you’re using the space as a home office or as a hobby space.   Vertical blind for conservatory Take a look at our Banlight Duo FR Ocean vertical blinds.  

Roller blinds for a conservatory

A simple, classic style, roller blinds pair wonderfully with conservatories. You know exactly what you’re getting and they’re simple to operate; they roll down to provide shade and privacy, but also roll up into a compact rail for a tidier look when space when is at a premium. The added bonus of roller blinds is that you can opt for patterns as well as solid colours, which means you can tailor your style more specifically to your tastes.   Roller blind for conservatory Take a look at our Spectrum Blackout Platinum roller blinds.  

Roman blinds for a conservatory

When you want a little added comfort and luxury for a conservatory, try Roman blinds. The materials available make any room feel cosier and more inviting, but they can also reduce draughts and chills due to their thickness, ideal in a cold conservatory. You can personalise the space with a range of designs, but if you have a small conservatory then keep in mind that this style won’t serve to make the room feel any bigger.   Roman blinds for conservatory Take a look at our Shibuya Pebble Roman blinds.  

Venetian blinds for a conservatory

If you want blinds that are easy to maintain, then look no further than Venetian blinds. You get fantastic control over light and privacy, and aluminium Venetian blinds will stand up to the heat of sunlight much better than wooden blinds. These blinds give you the option to adjust and filter the lighting, meaning they’re ideal if you’re using your conservatory as a place to relax or host friends.  

Motorised blinds for a conservatory

Imagine yourself relaxing in your conservatory, but just as the sun begins to set, you get a dazzle of low light, forcing you to change position. What if you could simply adjust your blinds without even leaving your seat? Now you can, with motorised blinds for your conservatory. Available in a number of styles - including Venetian and Roman - we pair the latest technology with stunning designs to give you the luxury you deserve. We stock Somfy, Eclipse and Louvolite as part of our motorised accessories range.   When you need the perfect blinds for your conservatory, browse our fantastic range and you’ll be sure to discover something to suit your taste and budget. If you’d like more information on any of our blinds and the ordering process, simply contact our team today. If you need more ideas check out our Instagram and Pinterest page. Your Blinds Direct is a leading UK manufacturer of beautiful made-to-measure window blinds, serving customers nationwide. Have a peek at our website today for a huge selection of blind styles, materials, and designs and order up to 8 FREE samples today.