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The Best Blinds For Garden Rooms

Apr 15 2024

Garden rooms have been around for a long time, but they rose back into popularity during recent lockdown years due to the flexibility they offered homeowners. Whether it was used as an office space to separate home and work life, as a replacement for the gym or even just as a relaxing room away from the main house, they provide endless possibilities.  One thing that garden rooms all have in common is the use of large windows and doors, allowing the space to flood with light and connect with the garden itself. That, however, creates a demand for solutions when it comes to providing shade and privacy, something we’re going to explore in this month’s piece here at Your Blinds Direct. Best Blinds For Garden Rooms - Your Blinds Direct  

The benefits of using blinds in garden rooms

If you have a garden room and are thinking of adding blinds, here are some of the potential benefits you can expect:


Garden rooms are often limited in size due to planning restrictions, which means you need to maximise every inch of space inside. Blinds sit directly over your windows, giving you the full floor space in a way that curtains simply cannot.  

Tidy and professional

If you’re using your space as a place to work, certain blinds can create a professional setting to help you focus. Perfect Fit blinds also have the added benefit of clipping into your frame as well, meaning there is no damage or mess created.  

Full control

Just as blinds give you control over privacy and lighting in your home, they do exactly the same for garden rooms. This is especially useful if your garden room overlooks another garden or if surrounding buildings overlook your garden.  

Insulative properties

Many blinds can add insulation, helping you to keep a garden room cool in summer and warm in winter. This makes your space fully functional in every season and saves on energy consumption.  

Garden room blind ideas

Garden Room Blind Ideas - Your Blinds Direct Here at Your Blinds Direct, we supply a wide variety of high-quality, handmade blinds that are suitable for garden rooms here in the UK. Find inspiration for your garden room with our top selections:
  • For a subtle and seamless window covering, try our Perfect Fit pleated blinds in Primitivo Misty Rose. These blinds clip into place making them easy to install without damaging your garden room and helping to maximise space.
  • Hard at work in the garden office? Then our Rannoch Graphite vertical blinds will help you to create the perfect setting, free from distraction. Not only do they keep your space looking professional for video calls, but they’re ideal for larger windows too.
  • Create an elegant space to sip coffee and unwind in with the Caramel Latte Venetian blinds from our range. They combine functionality and a minimalist style to suit both purposeful and peaceful garden rooms.

How to choose blinds for garden rooms and outbuildings

Garden rooms and outbuildings may all be of a similar style, but they’re not all exactly the same, especially in individual dimensions relating to windows and doors. Consider also that your taste may not be the same as your neighbour’s and you can see why there are many different angles from which to approach choosing blinds. Here are the things we think you should keep in mind to help you narrow down your selection when choosing blinds for garden rooms:
    1. Establish your budget - This will dictate which styles are available to you, but we have something to suit all budgets in our range, from the simplicity of roller blinds to the luxury of automatic blinds and motorised accessories.
    2. Establish the function of the room - This will help you decide several things:
      1. Do you want calming, professional or brighter colours?
      2. Do the blinds need to be super simple to adjust to avoid glare?
      3. Do the blinds need to be safe for children to be around?
    3. What material would you like? - Aluminium Venetian blinds can help to regulate and withstand the temperature from direct sunlight. Or perhaps you want to soften the feel of the room with textured fabric for added comfort. 
    4. Will your garden room feature any doors with windows? - If so, you may want to consider Perfect Fit Shutters for a garden room door, giving you coverage without taking up extra space.
    5. Find a trusted supplier - Buying from Your Blinds Direct will give you peace of mind that you’re purchasing blinds made here in the heart of the UK, providing the very best quality. Your Blinds Direct manufacture quality garden room blinds
As members of the British Blind & Shutters Association (BSSA) you can rest assured that when you purchase blinds for your garden room or outbuilding with us, you’ll get carefully crafted blinds to suit your windows. For the finishing touch to any room, look no further than our comprehensive selection of styles. Place your order online today or contact us if you require further support and advice for garden room blinds.