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Best Type of Blinds for Living Rooms (And How To Choose Them)

Mar 13 2023

The living room is the comfy, welcoming heart of the home. Whether you like to settle down in front of the television with your partner, sharing a bottle of wine or use the room to keep the family entertained and connected, it needs to be a warm, inviting space. While there are many features in a living room that should combine to create that atmosphere, there are few more important than your choice of window dressing. At Your Blinds Direct, we believe that blinds are the perfect answer, with an option to suit any home.  From luxury blinds that help set the mood to blinds able to withstand the rigours of family life, here’s our complete guide to the best type of blinds for the living room. Best blinds for living room

Blinds vs curtains for the living room

For several centuries, curtains were the dominant feature in living rooms, but as more and more styles of blinds became available, their popularity waned. That’s all due to the versatility of blinds and also thanks to their ability to save on space, making any room feel larger whether it’s in a modern or traditional home. Curtains still have their place of course, but they’re often paired with blinds as a secondary layer nowadays. Blinds are the essential aspect of any living room, with varied materials and functionality available that you’re otherwise not able to get when choosing curtains.  

Vertical blinds for your living room

Vertical blinds for your living room If you have large windows in your living room or a large set of patio or bi-folding doors, then you might want to consider vertical blinds for your living room. For smaller living rooms, vertical blinds in light colours can help to make things feel brighter and more spacious. Not only will you be able to make your space feel more private, but having louvres that you can easily tilt or part gives you flexibility when it comes to controlling the lighting. The louvres can be individually replaced in most cases too, so there’s no need to worry if your children or pets get a little too rough with them.  

Roller blinds for your living room

Roller blinds for your living room Roller blinds for a living room offer every family member the ability to easily lower and raise the blinds, while still keeping things stylish. Since a roller blind is effectively one continuous sheet of material, you can opt for a minimalist design with a simple, complementary colour, or you can add an accent to the room with a pattern.  

Wooden blinds for your living room

Wooden blinds for your living room Wooden Venetian blinds in your living room can add a sense of calm, especially since the thickness of the material lends a noise-reduction quality. Traditional and natural, wooden blinds can evoke both a cosy feel for smaller homes, as well as making more of a statement in a larger living room where the colours are kept bright and neutral. You can choose from a wide variety of wood grains and colours, making it easy to pair your blinds with any other wooden furniture in the room.  Tilting louvres again give you that easily adjustable control over privacy and light in your living room, a useful feature for homes overlooked or where the window is facing directly onto the pavement outside.  

Allusion blinds for your living room

Allusion blinds are ideal for the living room If you’re trying to create an elegant and airy living room, Allusion blinds from the Louvolite brand are ideal. With fabrics that allow light to diffuse into the room while still providing a view outdoors into the garden, your space will feel a lot larger. Allusion blinds are perfect for living rooms that have large windows, patio doors or bi-folding doors, hanging from floor to ceiling in a gentle drift that you can still step through. This creates a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoors via your living room.  Easy to sweep to one side and rotate via a single wand, you get the desired combination of control and luxury.  

Roman blinds for your living room

Roman blinds living room Offering thicker fabrics and a sense of sophistication, Roman blinds for living rooms are the ultimate option when seeking plush comfort. Suited to those living rooms with smaller windows, Roman blinds sit perfectly within a recess to prevent overwhelming the space.  You can choose to keep things simple with one, understated tone for your Roman blinds to match your existing aesthetic, or opt for a pattern to draw the eye to this more regal-feeling window dressing option.  It’s a sleek and contemporary choice for living rooms, while still retaining the heritage that has carried it through the ages. Raise them during the day to let daylight flood in, then lower them in the evening to eliminate glare from screens and create your personal den away from the outside world.  

Living Room Blind Ideas

Living room blind ideas Here at Your Blinds Direct, our wide range of high-quality blinds means you needn’t struggle to create the living room you’ve always dreamed of. Here are our top picks for living room blinds ideas to help inspire your choice:  

How to choose the right blinds for your living room

Choosing the right blinds for your living room comes down to a number of factors, some of them related to the physical restrictions, others related to your own personal preferences. Here are five things to think about as you browse our stunning collection of blinds:
  1. Do you need a large or small blind? Think about how your room will look and whether you’re trying to create the illusion of space.
  2. What is your theme and your core colour scheme? This will allow you to either match or accent with the right colours and patterns to complete the look.
  3. Do you want to filter light into the room or keep it out altogether? This comes down to how you use your living room throughout the day.
  4. Does your property face into the street? This will inform your choices regarding options that help with privacy.
  5. Are you pairing blinds with curtains? Think about how the two can combine and whether you need to affix your blinds outside or inside of the window recess.
Browse the full and varied range of blinds at Your Blind Direct and find the perfect living room blinds for your home. We have over 30 years of experience and are members of the British Blind & Shutters Association (BBSA), so you can rest assured that you’re receiving the highest quality blinds. For further support from our friendly team, get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide advice where required.