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Best Blinds To Keep Cool This Summer

Jul 06 2023

Summer is here again at last. And if recent years have shown us anything, we can expect some exceptionally bright and hot days again. With temperatures soaring as high as 30 and 40 degrees in some parts of the UK, it’s a good time to discuss the best blinds for keeping your home cool in summer. This month, we’re going to explain exactly how blinds can aid your attempts to keep your home cool during the height of summer, and the best blinds for the season. We’ll also explore blinds for your summer house or garden room, given that these are now a prominent feature for many gardens.   Best blinds keep cool this summer

Do blinds keep your home cool?

For most of the year, we’re probably more likely to be concerned about the potential for rain, but from June through to early September the midday sun can turn some homes into uncomfortably hot places to be. This is where your choice of blinds can be crucial. Blinds help to keep your home cool in a few different ways depending on your choice of style. The first and most apparent way blinds can help to maintain a lower internal temperature for your home is through the shade they offer.  With a full window covering, you block out the sun’s rays, especially if you’ve chosen a design with UV-reflective backing. You’ll need to make sure you have them closed before the sun comes up, however, because once the room is hot, lowering the blinds will be of little help in the short term. Once the sun goes down, open your blinds and windows again to let cooler air circulate. Your blinds can also help to block out warm air if you’ve got the windows open, providing some thermal blocking. However, on extremely hot days you’ll likely need to keep your windows closed to try and keep the humid and muggy air out.

Best blinds for the summer

Best summer blinds Now you know how useful blinds can be for keeping your home cool in summer, let’s explore the best blinds for the task.

Roller blinds

Creating one large and uniform cover for your window, roller blinds are ideal for blocking out the heat of the sun when lowered. Why not try our polyglot sorbet roller blinds for your room? With its UV-reflective backing, there is no better way to combat rising temperatures.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are perfect for summer If you still want some control over light filtration but the ability to create an effective barrier when closed, vertical blinds are a perfect choice. Try our Atlantex ASC white vertical blinds, complete with reflective backing.

Venetian blinds

Another option for filtering light and maintaining privacy, while also keeping your rooms cool in the summer, aluminium Venetian blinds with a thermal coating give you comfort and functionality. We recommend our stylish and cooling anise thermal venetian blind.

Allusion blinds

Allusion blinds are perfect for summer Keeping your doors or windows open to catch the breeze is a great way to cool your home in low humidity, and you can prevent insects and pests from entering with light, elegant and airy Allusion blinds. Our Vista cinder grey Allusion blind is ideal for patio or bi-folding doors.

Blinds for summer house or garden room

Blinds for summerhouse or garden room A summer house or garden room is the perfect place to relax or work from at any time of the year, giving you some space away from the main home. However, you’ll also want to keep this space cool if you want to enjoy it during any intense summer heatwave. All of our recommendations above make for stylish and practical additions to keep your space cool. If you have a summer house or garden room that uses a lot of wood and want to keep the aesthetic appeal, you can opt for our Sunwood serene faux wood blinds for blocking the sun without the risk of the slats warping.   Shop our full range of blinds to find your ideal solution for maintaining a cool home this summer. We supply high-quality blinds in a variety of styles and colours to suit any room in your home, with delivery to customers across the UK. Our expertise means you receive only the very best for your home, with our friendly team on hand for further support if required.