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Blinds For Large Windows - Which Blinds Are Best?

Jun 06 2022

The benefits of having large windows in your home are numerous. For starters, you get far more natural light, which saves on energy but also helps to make your home welcoming. There’s also the added bonus of feeling less cooped up if you can easily see the outdoors. But how do you go about covering them for privacy or at nighttime? Which blinds are best for large windows given the area you need to cover? These are the questions we’ll be answering this month here at Your Blinds Direct, where we supply a wide range of made-to-measure blinds — we’re here to help you find the perfect blinds for any window.  

Blinds for large windows: Bright Ideas

If you’re looking for inspiration on which blinds to choose for your large windows, you’re in luck. Here are just a few different ideas for large windows depending on your budget and your requirements:

Vertical blinds for large windows

Vertical blinds for large windows   If reliability is important, then you can’t go wrong with vertical blinds for your larger windows. There’s a reason people often pair this style with their patio or balcony doors, and that’s because they’re a simple, effective way to cover large windows while still keeping control over lighting and privacy with the pull of a cord. For a large window, try our Banlight Duo Rose vertical blinds.  

Roller blinds for large windows

The Atlantex Pewter roller blind completes a contemporary look to large windows   Whether you choose one large blind or opt for two roller blinds to split the load, the benefit of roller blinds is that they’re very easy to use. That means you won’t struggle to adjust such a large blind, and, on top of that, if you opt to have two blinds it means you can keep one open and close the other or vice versa. Tempted by roller blinds? Take a look at our Atlantex Pewter roller blind.  

Vision blinds for large windows

Vision blinds for large windows   Giving you two layers in one, Vision blinds add something a little different to any room. The fabric panels mean you can still adjust your lighting and privacy, but the stylish colours available and double panel effect means you can add a little accent to the space.  Add a sense of texture with our Siena Biscuit Vision blinds.  

Motorised blinds for large windows

What is life without the little luxuries? There’s no better way to utilise motorised blinds than for big windows where raising or lowering such a large thing might seem like a lot of effort. By opening and closing at the touch of a button, motorised blinds allow people with mobility issues to make the most of large windows comfortably. You can select a wide range of our blinds as motorised, including roller and Vision blinds.  

How to choose large window blinds

Now you’ve got some inspiration on style, what are some of the other things to consider when choosing blinds for large windows? Here are our tips on how to choose and what you should keep in mind:


First of all, ensure you measure accurately. Taking the time to measure large windows will pay off in the long run, as it will ensure you get the right fit the first time around.

Think practically

There are so many blind styles to choose from, and the options in our range all have different benefits, so think about the things that are most important to you. Will you need to open and close them regularly? Are they for a bedroom or an office space? Do they need to be modern blinds for a chic living room? By figuring these things out first, you can then narrow down your selection.

Consider ease of use

One thing that will be obvious is that, given they will be larger than normal blinds, you need to ensure they’re easy for you to use, which is why simple functionality and motorised options are ideal.

Choose a reputable company

Finally, to ensure you get quality blinds for your home, always look for a reputable and reliable company to avoid disappointment.  

Made-to-measure blinds for any window

Here at Your Blinds Direct, we cater for windows of any size, large or small, ensuring you can get contemporary blinds for large windows in any room. The quality of our blinds, along with our commitment to high standards of service, mean you can buy with confidence through us. We serve customers nationwide as a UK manufacturer of blinds - simply browse our range today and order up to 8 FREE samples to find the ideal blinds for the large windows in your home.