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Can You Put Blinds On French Doors?

May 05 2023

French doors are now common in homes throughout the UK. Offering easy access to the garden and the outdoors, they are perfect for helping you and your family enjoy the spring and summer months. But what about controlling light and privacy? Can you put blinds over French doors? The answer is a resounding yes. Whether you want to hang blinds in front of your French doors or keep things sleek and tidy with blinds fitted to the doors themselves, there are plenty of options open to you. This month at Your Blinds Direct, we’ve created a short guide that details which blinds best suit French doors, the benefits and how to choose the right blinds for your French doors. Can you put blinds on french doors?

Benefits of blinds on French doors

Choosing blinds for your French doors comes with a variety of benefits, making it an easy decision to make. These include:
  • Elegant and stylish finish - Matching both the colour and style of your blinds to your décor helps to complete the look of any room featuring French doors.
  • Privacy and light control - Because French doors are constructed with large windows, you need a simple solution for controlling how much light you let into your home, as well as to block the view into your home.
  • Energy efficiency - Blinds can help to keep any room featuring French doors cooler in summer and warmer in winter, benefiting the planet and keeping your energy costs down.
  • Easy access to your outdoor space - Depending on the style you choose, you can either raise or slide your blinds away to create a quick and easy way to make the most of your garden or outdoor area.

Best blinds for French doors

Your choice of blinds for French doors can help you create the dream home, especially with our wide range of materials and colours available here at Your Blinds Direct. Let’s take a look at the blinds best suited for pairing with French doors.

Perfect Fit Venetian blinds

Our Willow Green Perfect Fit blind can be used on french doors 

  Combining the luxury feel and control of Venetian blinds, but fitting neatly into the windows of your French doors, this is the most effective option. Providing a sleek finish, without any need to manoeuvre the blinds when you want to open the doors, it’s easy to see why this style is so popular. Add a fresh feeling to your home with Perfect Fit Venetian blinds in Willow Green.

Vertical blinds 

When you prefer to have a level of coverage from floor to ceiling, vertical blinds offer everything you need. Easy to rotate to adjust the lighting, you can also slide them aside when you want access to your doors at the height of summer. Try pairing our Shannon Charcoal vertical blinds with your doors.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds can be used on french doors   Because Roman blind materials are often thicker, they are an excellent option if you’re concerned about energy efficiency. They are also perfect for fully blocking out light and the view into your home since they’re affixed to your doors above the windows where you can easily raise or lower them. Enhance your French doors with our Macy Zest Roman blinds.

Roller blinds

One of the easiest blinds to use, roller blinds also present an affordable way to style your French doors. Take control over lighting and privacy with simple controls. Add a touch of sunshine to your space with our Kenzo Sunny Day roller blinds.

Allusion blinds

Allusion blinds can be used on french doors   Sharing similar qualities to vertical blinds, Allusion blinds from Louvolite have an extra luxurious feel to them. Almost seeming to float in place, you can easily move this blind style aside or walk through the material unimpeded, making them ideal for fitting in front of French doors. Complement your interior with the Vista Cinder Grey Allusion blinds for your French doors.  

How to choose the right blinds for French doors

Choosing your blinds for French doors might seem overwhelming having viewed the choices on offer, but as with any home interior décor decision, it’s crucial to match your blinds to your requirements. Keep in mind some of the following factors that could influence the blinds you opt for:
  • Space - Are your French doors in a small room that you want to make feel bigger? You might want to consider Perfect Fit blinds to help maximise space around your doors.
  • Functionality - Do you need constant access through your French doors? This could mean Allusion blinds, which are easy to step through, are the ideal choice.
  • Privacy - Are your French doors overlooked by neighbouring properties? Choosing a thicker, fuller blind material can help you maintain privacy when you need it.
The factors that are most important to you will help you to prioritise what you want to achieve with your blinds.    Here at Your Blinds Direct, we provide a vast array of blinds for customers across the UK, helping you to style your home the way you want it. You can browse all our blind styles here and filter to find the perfect option for your French doors before ordering online. We have over 30 years of experience and are members of the British Blind & Shutters Association (BBSA), so you know you’re getting the best quality blinds for your home no matter which style you select. If you require further support, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team and we’ll be happy to help.