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Colour Focus of February 2022

Jan 28 2022

Colour Focus of February 2022

A trend of the moment is taking the outside in. So, you guessed it, the colour focus of February 2022 is the glorious green! Not just any green, a softer shade of sage. This tone of green is exceptionally timeless. More of a neutral based green you could say. Sage green symbolises peace, growth and nature that has a calming effect on its environment. For today’s blog post we are going to share our collection of green blind types that connect to this trend. All styles can be found on our website along with the option of a free sample. The blind types featured below are made to measure and can be fitted by yourself by following our easy fitting instructions on the website.

Colour Focus of February 2022

Colour Focus Blind 1

Starting with our Lismore Fern Roman blind. A truly elegant fabric that is of high quality and features a blackout lining. This design features a shimmering botanical pattern of leaves in repeat. A sophisticated finish combing a chic and durable statement design. Roman blinds are the perfect blinds for the colder months as they are thick enough to keep the heat in and block the cold out. So, stay warm for longer! These blinds also come with the option to motorise so with the click of a button or a command to your smart hub, your blinds with open and close on your demand.

Colour Focus Blind 2

Next up is our functional Aspen Venetian blind. Our Venetian blinds are made of high-quality aluminium slats and our Aspen features a pastel green colour. A lovely subtle accent to your space. These blinds are extremely easy to maintain as they only require dusting and a wipe with a damp cloth if there is a build-up of dust. These blinds are practical and are suitable for any space including a bathroom. Our Venetians are handmade with precision at our factory.

Colour Focus of February 2022

Colour Focus Blind 3

Or most popular blind type, the palette green roller blind. Starting from £12.20, this gorgeous shade of green is paired perfectly with neutral interiors. If you are feeling bold, you can’t go wrong with a pink and green combination! Our roller blinds are simple to operate with maximum functionality that can also be motorised. A stylish blind with great features such as flame retardant, moisture resistant and wipeable. Not to mention they have excellent privacy and light control!

Colour Focus Blind 4

This is our extremely chic Allure Green Senses Mirage Blind. The darkest shade of green to showcase in this blog post but, a timeless colour to say the least! Senses mirage blinds offer the ultimate light and privacy control while also maintaining the view. These blinds are also known as Day and Night blinds, and they feature two layers of fabric. In addition, you have the option to choose from 5 different options of fascia and endcap colours which really finishes off the blind.

Colour Focus Blind 5

Rounding off the colour focus of the month with our incredibly fun Fruity Pastel senses roller blind. This print sparks joy and would look perfect in a kitchen space. Featuring different shades of green, this senses roller blind has similar features to the standard roller blind. A very functional blind with the elegant finish of a fascia. For a more in-depth breakdown of the differences between our roller and senses roller blinds please see our recent blog post. The Fruity Pastel blind also comes with the option of both the slow-rise spring and motorisation which are child safe with no dangling cords or chains to worry about.

Sage green is such a timeless tone and a great addition to your home hence why we choose to debrief on it for our colour focus of February 2022. What are your thoughts? We hope you like the blinds featured today! They can all be found on our website. Check out our Instagram and Pinterest page for more inspiration on how to find your perfect blinds.

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