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Dark and Moody Interiors

Oct 26 2022

Creating dark spaces within your home can increase your cosiness levels tenfold! In today's post, we are going to be breaking down different interior ideas that can help you achieve your moody interior goals. If dark interiors are not your style of choice, then feel free to check out our other interior-focused blog posts, such as Scandi Interior Inspiration or Bringing the outdoors in. But if maximalism and cosy vibes are your thing, then keep reading!

Design Inspiration

The words used to describe the dark and moody interior trend are opulence and cosy. Inspired by Victorian gothic style with a modern twist, this trend focuses on a rich colour palette of blues, greens, and purples, bringing more colour in through furnishings! Rooms such as a downstairs toilet, a bedroom or a living room are the ideal places to add this drama-filled trend with a bold design. Dark and moody interiors

The base

Starting with the base of the room is the best way to implement the trend. Using paint and wallpaper can instantly change the atmosphere of your space. By painting a room dark it creates an intimate space while keeping it cosy. Dark walls may give the illusion of making your room feel smaller but in fact, the eye is tricked by its blurred edges which does the opposite and makes the room feel longer and larger. Adding dark wallpaper is another way to bring some drama to the space. Even adding a feature wall would generate dimension. Lastly, adding furniture to the base of the room is where you can introduce textures. Including materials such as wood, metallics or velvets can really elevate and brighten the space too which carries us on to our next point! Dark and moody interiors

Soft Furnishings and Accessories

The fun bit! Accessories like blinds, cushions, prints, and throws really are what add personality to a room. It is a chance to add colour to your space and help towards a complete look. Textures add warmth to your room which is perfect when going for dark and moody interiors. Let’s talk blinds! They are such an elegant way to dress your window and a perfect addition to recreate this trend in your home. We have a large range to choose from! We recommend going for Roman, Roller or Venetian blinds to achieve that timeless look. Lastly, add some cushions and throws to add even more texture to your room. And why not match your blind to your cushion with our roman collection? Dark and moody interiors   We hope you like the inspiration featured today in our "Dark and Moody Interiors" post! Check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages for more inspiration when it comes to blinds and interiors. Your Blinds Direct is a leading UK manufacturer of beautiful made-to-measure window blinds, serving customers nationwide. Have a peek at our website for a huge selection of blind styles, materials, and designs and order up to 8 FREE samples today.