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Difference between Senses Roller and Roller Blinds

Dec 03 2021

Difference between Senses Roller blinds and Roller Blinds

A question we get asked a lot is “What is the difference between our Senses Roller blinds and our standard roller blinds?”.

So, for today’s blog post we thought we would break down the differences of both ranges.

All the Senses Roller and Roller blinds are made to measure so they fit perfectly within your chosen space. Are these blinds easy to fit? The answer is Yes! We also have a measuring guide to help you along the way. Both ranges have the same fabric choices to choose from which offers a collection of patterned and plain designs. These fabrics come with a wide variety of key features such as dimout (blackout), UV backed, flame retardant, moisture resistant and wipe clean. Making them an ideal option for any room. Both blind types also have the option to add a motorised function that can be controlled through a remote or through a smart controller, i.e Alexa or Google Home.

Difference between Senses Roller and Roller Blinds

Senses Roller Blinds

The Senses roller blind has an elegantly curved and trimmed headrail. However, the standard roller blind does not. The headrail, known as a “fascia”, comes in a range of colours that will add a modern touch to your space. You also have the option to choose an end cap colour that adds a lovely finish to the blind.Difference between Senses Roller and Roller Blinds


The senses roller also has an extra option when it comes to the control type. You can choose a manual chain or add a motorised function like the standard roller, but the senses roller has a “slow rise spring” option. A simple pull-down and release function. Great if you have children as it eliminates the risk of injuries with no dangling cords or chains to worry about.

The picture below is an example of having a bronze fascia colour with a brushed bronze end cap that is paired with our Banlight Duo FR Vanilla.

Difference between Senses Roller and Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

Cassettes are a feature that standard roller blinds have the option of, and senses rollers don’t. When ordering Roller blinds you have the option to choose from no cassette, open cassette and a 70mm cassette. The 70mm cassette is a wider open cassette option that hides more of the fabric roll. Giving the blind a stylish finish. The cassettes come in a range of different colours and there is an option to pick the end cap colour too. Featured below is our Ariana White Roller Blind with an open cassette. As you can see, the fabric is displayed at the top giving a stylish finish to the blind.

Difference between Senses Roller and Roller Blinds

There is a reason why Roller blinds are the most popular choice of blind type for many people. They really cover all bases on practicality. They provide excellent light and privacy control, they come in a wide variety of designs to suit all interior styles, and lastly, have lots of different options when it comes to displaying them.

From the details above, both Senses Roller and standard Roller blinds are very similar with only a few differences. We hope this has cleared up some questions, making your search for the perfect blinds easier! If you have any other queries, please get in touch. See our Instagram and other blog posts for more inspiration on how to style Roller Blinds in your home.

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