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Double Up Your Window Coverings

Jan 28 2016

Window blinds are so easy to maintain that it's much more practical to have blinds rather than curtains at your windows. A quick flick with the vacuum or a damp cloth will help to maintain them, in contrast to fetching down curtains and putting them through the washing machine.

However some people still miss that heavy layer of fabric at their windows, so why not double up on your window blinds, with one style in the recess and one external. Doubling up is the new trend and we've seen some fantastic combinations, including roller blinds in the recess with verticals closing over them (pictured above). Or venetian blinds in the recess with a roller on the front for extra privacy and warmth after dark.

If you miss net curtains then there's some very pretty rollers that can be used against the window that allow light to filter through. Double these up with a warm layer of dimout verticals on the outside of the recess for a very stylish and practical look.

You can get really creative with your use of colours and patterns here to make something unique and eye-catching and it will also double the amount of control you have over light entering your room.