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Everything You Need To Know About Allusion Blinds

May 10 2021

Allusion Blinds are a unique window covering solution for your home. We have recently added this blind type to our website, that's why in today’s blog post we will introduce you to our new product. If you are looking for a stunning finish to your room or interested in how this innovative window covering works then keep on reading!

Black Allusion Blinds

What are Allusion Blinds?

Allusion Blinds are an innovative window covering made of a combination of sheer and opaque textured fabric. The unique structure of this blind allows you to see the outside view while filtering the daylight. Allusion Blinds can be made up to 5m wide and have a long drop capability. Therefore, they are the perfect solution for larger windows, bi-folds and patio doors. This blind type is also a great alternative to curtains and Vertical Blinds. The blind doesn't have vanes connected by chain or cord and is designed so you can walk through it while the blind is drawn closed.

Allusion Blinds give you great flexibility over light and privacy. When opened, you can either enjoy the full view or tilt the louvres to have a partial view with some privacy. When rotated and closed, the blind’s material comes together giving you total privacy.

White Allusion Blinds

What are the styles of Allusion Blinds?

At Your Blinds Direct, we have a selection of Allusion Blinds in on trend colours. Depending on your style and preferences you can choose from two available fabric ranges.

Horizon is a sheer and textured knitted fabric range available in five colours.

Vista is a flame retardant range also available in five colours. This fabric collection features a subtle 'geo waved' patterned material combined with a sophisticated sheer.

Vista Allusion Blinds

Allusion Blind will look great in various rooms of the house. The blind can either blend into your current palette scheme or stand out in plain interiors. Style your Allusion Blind with one of the available headrails for a complete look. You can either choose a stylish Vogue headrail or 80mm facia, both available in versatile colour options.

Cream Allusion Blind

Where can I place Allusion Blind?

Allusion Blinds will create a luxurious look in any room of the house. This blind type is especially suitable for sunny living rooms. When opened, the blind will protect your furniture from direct sunlight while still letting you enjoy the view and light. The blind will also successfully block pollen and dust from entering the room so it can be a suitable product for customers with hayfever symptoms. When rotated and closed, Allusion Blind will give you ultimate privacy. Our flame retardant range is also a perfect solution for commercial settings. The blind is a practical and stylish alternative to the 'office' looking Vertical Blinds.

White Allusion Blinds

Are Allusion Blinds child safe?

Your Blinds Direct is a member of BBSA and we have always put child safety first. All the blinds available on our website are designed with child safety in mind. Allusion Blinds are operated by a child-safe wand that gives you excellent control over the flowing vanes and is easy to use. Therefore, you don't need to worry about any cords or chains that your child could get tangled into.


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