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How To Choose The Best Roller Blinds For Your Home

Jan 11 2024

Roller blinds are an extremely popular option for homes up and down the country thanks to how easy they are to use and their versatility across different rooms. But how do you choose the best roller blinds for your home? That’s the subject we’re going to explore this month at Your Blinds Direct. We’ll guide you through the different considerations to help you navigate this huge range of stylish yet practical blinds. We’ll look at key factors, colours and the things to bear in mind for different rooms in your house.   How to choose the best roller blinds for your home

How do you choose roller blinds?

If you have your heart set on the simple elegance of a roller blind, you may find yourself wondering how to work through the different options. Colour is certainly one of the first things people think about - and we’ll come onto that subject next - but here are several other key factors to think about that will help you narrow down your choices:


Windows come in different sizes even within the same home, so it’s important to consider how a roller blind will look, whether in a small bathroom window or a large bay window. Thankfully, at Your Blinds Direct, we offer made-to-measure roller blinds, so you know you can get the perfect fit for your aperture.


Fabrics offer you a sensory consideration; imagine what kind of feel you want the blind to have. On top of this, there is a practical question of whether you want blackout or dim-out fabrics for a bedroom or entertainment space or something more translucent that will allow light to filter through.


Roller blinds are more than just a cover for your window, their style can impact your whole decor, so consider what you want to achieve. Opt for a clean, fresh and contemporary space with our Banlight Duo FR Bright White roller blind, or a homely, cosy feeling that comes with a pattern or texture, such as with our Wild Garden Cornflower roller blind. Spots, stripes and geometrics can all help to meet your style goals.


While chain operation comes as standard, you may wish to elevate the sense of luxury in your home with motorised roller blinds. We offer a range of affordable solutions from the Louvolite range, compatible with their home hub.  

Roller Blind Colours

There’s no hiding from the fact that colour is going to play a huge part in your choice of roller blinds. You can achieve a lot through the psychology of colour alone, not to mention that some people simply have favoured tones that they enjoy. To help you find the right colour roller blind for the room you’re looking to style, we’ve got a handy filter in our roller blind category along the left-hand side of the page. So whether you want a bold, yellow burst of colour, the regal opulence of purple tones or an understated charcoal grey, it’s never been easier to find what you need in our range — just click the colour or colours of your choosing and the options will appear.  

Should my roller blinds be the same colour as my walls?

Should roller blinds be same colour as walls Ultimately, the choice of colour is down to personal preference. Many people have a natural feel for colours that complement one another, while others may look at imagery in magazines to find inspiration on what works. Matching the colour of your blinds to your walls is the ideal choice if you have a smaller space that you want to make feel bigger. This works best with pale and lighter shades like whites and creams.  If, however, you want to add some life to a room and create a colour scheme, you can choose your blinds in an accent colour. For example, in a room with beige walls, you may have navy blue cushions on the sofa, so choosing navy blue roller blinds can help tie things together.  

How to choose roller blinds for kitchens and bathrooms

Because kitchens and bathrooms are naturally more humid environments with water sources, you need to find a roller blind that is moisture-resistant, such as our Sailboat Blackout Blue option. You can view blinds that are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens in the respective category pages we’ve created. While you might be able to get away with roller blinds that aren’t moisture-resistant if the window is away from water sources and the room is well-ventilated, it’s still recommended.  

How to choose roller blinds for bedrooms and living rooms

How to choose roller blinds for bedrooms and living rooms Bedrooms and living rooms are spaces where we like to get comfortable and cosy. That means selecting something that not only works in terms of style, but which can also block out light at night when you sleep or in the evening when you settle on the sofa. Blackout roller blinds are a fantastic option for that reason, with patterns that suit bedrooms for children, such as our Planetarium Cosmos roller blind, as well as patterns for grown-ups, such as our Strand Blush Grey roller blind. View all our bedroom blinds and living room blinds in their respective, dedicated categories to make it easy to find the perfect blind for every room in the house.  

How to ensure you’re buying quality roller blinds

Quality blinds at Your Blinds Direct Finally, when shopping for roller blinds, be sure to give your home the quality it deserves. You should always look for an experienced blinds company, one dedicated to craftsmanship as well as affordable prices. This is where you’ll find the best blend of longevity, style and range. At Your Blinds Direct, we manufacture handmade blinds right here in the UK, with over 30 years of experience. We deliver your high-quality, made-to-measure roller blinds directly to you, using premium materials and components, and we’re a member of the British Blind & Shutters Association (BSSA). All this means you can purchase your blinds online with confidence from a trustworthy company when styling any room in your home. Order your roller blinds online today or contact us for any further support and advice.