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How To Choose The Right Colour Blinds

Sep 10 2021

Everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to the decor of their home. So when it comes to choosing the right colour blinds for one home, the same isn’t necessarily right for another. There are, however, some general rules you can adhere to in your attempts to create that glossy magazine-worthy look to your home, no matter how old or new the property may be. This month, at Your Blinds Direct, we’re going to provide advice on some of the common questions when it comes to choosing the right colour blinds for a home.

Should blinds match the colour of your walls?

faux wood blinds in bay window The simple answer here is no, your blinds don’t have to match your walls. However, that doesn’t mean you should just randomly select any colour for your blinds; you still want a room to tie together in some way. You can match your blinds to other elements of the room though, such as the soft furnishings like cushions or a statement piece such as a colourful blanket, or you can match the small details like the wood of a side table or the colour of a mantelpiece.  It’s completely up to you how you want to balance the different tones in your room. Adding faux wood blinds to a room already filled with wood means you’ll probably want to match the tone and colour already present, but at the same time, something softer and neutral might offer a little relief from all that wood.  As you can see, there is no one way to do things! Just bear in mind that too much of any one colour or shade can be overwhelming and create a suffocating effect. You need to find the right balance depending on the room.

Should all the blinds in your house match?

Matching blinds throughout house While there is an argument to be made for keeping your window blinds all the same across your entire house, it’s near impossible to achieve without sacrificing something elsewhere in the decor. This is because each room in your home serves a different purpose and most people don’t carry the same colour scheme throughout the home - it would simply be tiring to look at if every room looked nearly identical. Instead, you should treat each room as a separate space (unless you have open-plan spaces, in which case it’s fine to have matching blinds).  What you could consider matching, if you wanted a more unified feel to your decor, is different blind styles for different rooms while using the same colour palette. For example, you could utilise our Woodland Silver Birch roller blinds for your kitchen, and then match those grey tones with a Vista Nordic Allusion blind for your living room if you have bi-folding doors or french doors. This way you can mix up the textures while still keeping a theme running through the decor. Where matching blinds makes the most sense in your home is the bathroom. Many properties now have more than one bathroom or toilet but in two different places. It makes sense for these rooms to have matching blinds, such as Anise Venetian blinds, giving them a common element regardless of how far apart the rooms are.  

Complement vs Contrast

Lima Buttercup blind colour We mentioned neutral tones a little earlier in this piece, which is a very popular tool for complementing colours already present if you’re after a calming effect. However, you can always choose to contrast the colour of your home with a signature colour if the rest of your decor is subtle and neutral.


Look at the colour scheme of your room and find a colour for your blinds that complements the theme. For example, if the majority of a bedroom is focused on creams and magnolia, then yellows work well to add warmth, while still complementing the palette. Our Lima Buttercup Roman blinds, with their mustard yellow and folded texture, would work well in this situation.


This is the trickier of the two techniques to get right. Where you have walls painted in a heavier colour, perhaps using greys and charcoal tones for a home office room, your blinds can act as the perfect canvas for a splash of colour. In this situation, our Banlight Duo FR Sunshine vertical blinds can add some zest to your workspace. Just be careful not to introduce too much contrast or multiple contrasting colours or your decor might become less easy on the eye.

Stylish blinds colours from Your Blinds Direct

Orange Vertical Blinds Your Blinds Direct Once you’ve settled on an approach for a room - whether you’re looking to blend your blinds into the existing interior design colour scheme or inject a new colour - why not browse our wide selection of styles, colours and patterns? Here are four key rules to keep in mind:
  1. Your blinds don’t have to match the colour of your wall
  2. Your blinds don’t have to be the same throughout the property
  3. Use a complementary colour to blend blinds into the room
  4. Use contrast if you want a pop of different colour in a room
At Your Blinds Direct, we’re leading manufacturers of stunning made-to-measure window blinds from roller blinds to venetian blinds. We offer delivery nationwide and offer free samples so that you can take the time to find the right colour blinds to suit your home - whatever room you’re looking to transform.