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How To Introduce Pattern To Your Interior

Aug 04 2021

Introducing a pattern to your space is a great way to add some personality and transform your room. Wallpaper, blinds or rugs featuring a striking pattern are a simple and easy way to create a basis for the style of your interior. In today’s post, we will go more in-depth into the role of patterns in interior design. We will also describe different types of patterns so you can decide which one is the most suitable for your space.

The role of pattern in interior design

In interior design, texture and pattern are elements used to decorate a space. While the texture is associated with the type of surface material, the pattern relates to visual perception. Using texture and pattern will tie all the elements of the room together and create an aesthetically pleasing space.

When introducing a pattern to a room it is important to balance it with other elements. Using too many striking patterns can feel overwhelming and make the room look cluttered. If you choose to use a vibrant pattern, we would advise using secondary colours from the design as a base for your colour palette.

The general rule is that bigger patterns are more suitable for large spaces since they will make a room appear smaller. That's why if your room is not a big size it is better to use a smaller pattern. To make sure that the room does not look cluttered you should not mix more than three patterns within one room.

Roller blinds are a great product to add interesting pattern to your interior. When pulled down, the blind is like a big canvas. When pulled up the blind doesn't take much space and lets you enjoy the outside view.

Stripes and geometric patterns

Geometric patterns are often associated with modern and contemporary interiors. They are pleasing to the eye, suit various styles and can easily bring harmony to the interior. Due to their versatility, they will suit various rooms of the house and will look good when mixed together with other patterns.

Subtle patterns will add some interest without overpowering your space. Horizontal lines will visually add some space to a room. If you have a room with a high ceiling, they are a great way to make the wall appeal lower. For example, our Como Ocra roller blind features a unique striped pattern that will make optically your room look wider. On the other hand, vertical lines will make create an impression of a higher ceiling in the room.

Modern living room

Captured product: Como Ocra Roller Blind

modern living room with roller blind

Captured product: Preto Black Roller Blind

Our Preto Black roller blind features a simple geometric pattern that will look amazing in contemporary interiors. The blind will complement monochromatic designs and pair well with any colour palette.

Floral patterns

 Often associated with traditionally styled interiors, floral patterns are a stylish and timeless choice. Using florals in your design will bring a natural element to the space. Depending on the style that you are going for, some patterns will add a feminine accent to your interior. For example, our Magnolia Rosa roller blind will look amazing in light and pastel bedrooms and living rooms. The beautiful pattern will enhance your space without being too overwhelming. Other designs such as our Wildflower Canary roller blind will become a focal point of the room. Depending on the size of your room we would recommend large floral patterns for large blinds and smaller patterns for the smaller sizes.

Blossom Geisha roller blind

Captured product: Cherry Blossom Geisha with our 70mm cassette

Wildflower canary roller blind

Captured product: Wildflower Canary Roller Blind with our 70mm cassette

country style living room

Captured product: Willow Brazen Yellow Roller Blind with our open cassette

Botanical  patterns

If florals are not your cup of tea, what about trendy botanical patterns? They are usually not as feminine as floral patterns but also bring a nature-inspired accent to the interior. Prints that feature leaves or trees will look amazing in modern in contemporary interiors. Tropical designs in vibrant colours will bring energy to the room and liven up any space.

Contemporary living room

Captured product: Palm Leaf Roller Blind


We hope that this post will help you with deciding on which pattern to choose for your space. Playing with patterns in your home can be a fun project and when done right will create a stunning space. Check out our Pinterest page for some inspiration. If you need any advice with deciding which blinds will look good in your interior, you can send us a DM on Instagram and we will try to help.