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How to Style Black Blinds?

Aug 23 2021

In interior design, black is a staple colour that will never go out of style. When used in the right way, it can create a sophisticated atmosphere and add a dimension to space. However, if it is not balanced well, black can make a room look dark and depressing. Black blinds are a popular choice as they pair well with almost any colour palette. In today's post, we will share with you some of the best colour combinations for black blinds and feature some of our favourite products.

Black and White

Black and white is a classic combination that guarantees a stunning effect. Monochromatic white interiors inspired by Scandinavian style are a popular trend. To add interest to plain white interiors you can mix them with black accents. If you place black furniture in a light interior, you will still keep the room feeling light and bright but also add dimension and dramatic colour to it. Dark furniture such as sofa, rug or blinds will instantly become statement pieces. Whereas, small accents such as cushions, throws, small furnishings will tie the room together.

If you don’t want to paint your wall a deep black shade. Black blinds such as our allusion blind will contrast amazingly against white walls and create a stunning effect. Allusion blinds are great for wide windows, patio doors and bi-folds. Since they are generally taking a large space of the room, we would recommend placing them in spacious white interiors to keep the room light and bright.

  Allusion blinds in modern interior

Captured product: Horizon Pewter Allusion Blind with the 80mm fascia

Black and Green

Green is a great colour if you are trying to create a cosy atmosphere in your room. In interior design, green is used to bring energy and harmony to space. Green and neutrals are a balanced combination that we often associate with rustic style. If you want to create a nature-inspired living space, our black blinds will look amazing when paired with green and natural woods.

The blind type that we would especially recommend for earthy interiors is faux wood blind.  The wood-looking venetian slats will add a unique feature to the room. Venetian blinds are also amazing for flexible light and privacy control. Take a look at our Sunwood Callo faux wood blind in a dark, almost black colour. The blind will create a beautiful focal point when paired with green shades.

If the faux wood blind is not the type that you are looking for, our aluminium venetian blinds are a great alternative. Lightweight and waterproof, they are an affordable and stylish type of venetian blind. Aluminium blinds are also perfect to use in the bathrooms and kitchens as they are waterproof and easy to clean.

Venetian blinds in a green interior

Captured product: Sunwood Callo Faux Wood Blind

Black and Grey

Black paired with grey metal accents is a popular choice for contemporary interiors. When balanced well, this colour combination looks very modern and elegant. We would recommend using it in spacious rooms of the house. If you use too many dark shades in small spaces it can optically make the room appear smaller. Dark colours might also take out all the light of the room so we would recommend using them in the areas with wide windows.

For modern interiors, we would recommend our roller and vision blinds. Roller blinds are simple and sleek looking. When the blind is pulled up it does not take much space, when it's pulled down it fully covers the window. In decorating monochromatic interiors, it is important to add different textures to the room. That's why we would especially recommend our patterned black blinds. Roller blinds not only come in a wide choice of patterns but also different fabric features depending on your needs. You can choose from blackout voile, fire retardant and pollergen treated fabrics.

Contemporary interior

Captured product: Astratto Slate Senses Roller Blind

Vision Blinds (Day and night blinds) are another great type that looks amazing in contemporary interiors. The unique style of day and night blind lets you filter the sunlight and partly block out the view, giving you some privacy. The contrast between translucent and opaque fabric panels will create an eye-catchy effect and add interest to your window.

Modern interior day and night blinds

Captured product: Illume Ebony Senses Mirage Blind

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