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What are the best kitchen blinds?

Apr 22 2022

Let's chat about kitchen blinds! When choosing the best blinds for a certain room in your home, it is important to understand the features of the specific blind type. That is why for today's blog post we are going to discuss the best blind types for your kitchen! Whether you cook a lot, have a blind above your sink or need a blind for your patio doors, there is a blind type for you! On each of our product listings, you will find all the information that you need to know about the specific blind.

To simplify your search here are our top 5 choices (in no particular order).

  1. Roller Blinds
  2. Venetian Blinds
  3. Allusion Blinds
  4. Vertical Blinds
  5. Senses Mirage Blinds
Roller blinds are known for being one of the most functional blind types out there. Most of our roller blinds are wipe clean, however, be sure to look at the features section as not all roller blinds are moisture resistant which is important if you cook a lot. Build up of steam can cause mould. If you are interested in roller blinds have a look at our Palette or Atlantex Collections of fabrics. roller kitchen blinds

*Featuring our Palette Dusky Pink Roller Blind*

Venetian blinds are a classic blind type and have a stylish finish. This blind type is perfect for your kitchen. Made up of aluminium slats, all our Venetians are splash resistant and wipe clean that will fit with any interior style. A popular trend of 2022 is adding colour to your kitchen in different ways. Whether that be your kettle or artwork, a bold blind is a great way to get involved in the trend. Take a look at our wide range of colours here. venetian kitchen blinds

*Featuring our Off Capri Blue Venetian Blind*

Allusion blinds are the perfect choice for your patio or bifold doors. Open plan living is still as popular as ever so Allusion blinds are an excellent feature to add to the space. They have an elegant presence and can be made to measure up to 5m wide. Their innovative design is to gently filter the sunlight while maintaining the view. Not to mention that while your doors are open you can walk through the closed blinds, keeping out those insects that want to enter your home. Available in a wide range of colours, you can finish this blind off by selecting a headrail perfect for your home décor style. allusion kitchen blinds

*Featuring our Chalk Horizon Allusion Blind*

Vertical blinds, yet another fantastic choice for your kitchen, we offer a varied range of colours to choose from. Again, like roller blinds most of our vertical fabrics are wipe clean. However, be sure to check the product listing for our moisture-resistant fabrics. There is a reason why vertical blinds are still a firm favourite today and it is because they are such a timeless blind. vertical

*Featuring our Atlantex ASC White Vertical Blind*

Senses Mirage Blinds provide the ultimate modern style. These blinds not only give you full flexibility over light control but can be completely motorised for your convenience. Also known as day and night blinds, they are ideal for your kitchen as they are made with high quality, moisture-resistant fabrics. Enjoy our range of neutral and brightly coloured options available. senses mirage

*Featuring our Poise Mint Senses Mirage Blinds*

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