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Preparing Your Windows For Winter

Dec 11 2015

Energy Efficient Blinds

During the Winter months, your windows are one of the main places where your room is going to lose it's heat. One of the best ways to keep your rooms warm in winter is to install energy-efficient blinds.

Choosing Your Blind Type

One of the best types of blinds for reducing heatloss is a roller that has additional fabric properties, since there are not slats for the heat to escape through. We have a wide range of beautiful roller blinds available that are treated to make them more energy-efficient. Ensure that you measure carefully so that the edges of the window are covered to increase effectiveness.

If roller blinds are not your style then it's also possible to get Vertical and Venetian Blinds with a thermal backing.

Thermal Backed Venetian Blind

This 25mm blind slat has a thermal backing that will help to reduce heat loss while in the closed position.

Energy Saving Vertical Blinds

Again, these can help to reduce heat loss when in the closed position although some heat will escape between slats. We have a wide range of beautiful colours and styles for you to choose from in our online store.

Energy Saving Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are one of the best blind types for insulating your window against the cold. We have hundreds of beautiful fabrics available that have energy-saving properties. Below is a small sample of those fabrics.

Take a look at our complete roller blind collection here. You can check properties by selecting the 'Additional Information' tab.