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Roman Blinds Buying Guide

Apr 02 2021

Roman Blinds are a popular window covering choice for modern and contemporary interiors. They're a perfect alternative to curtains as they are easy to use and very stylish. We have recently added a whole new range of Roman Blinds to our website. That is why in today’s post we will answer some of the most popular questions and concerns regarding to Roman Blinds.

Roman blinds

What are Roman Blinds?

A Roman Blind is a type of window covering made from a single piece of fabric with a lining attached to the back of it. The blind is operated in a similar way to Roller Blind, using a continuous metal chain.  You can also choose to motorise your Roman Blind, then you can control your blind by voice command or a smartphone app. When raised, the blind will create horizontal folds that add an elegant touch to your interior. When hanging down flat, the blind will cover the window and filter the light from coming into the room. Roman Blinds provide you with optimal light and privacy control.

What is the difference between blackout and polycotton lining?

 The lining will make your blind durable and protect the fabric from fading. There are two options of lining that you can choose from when ordering from our Roman Blind range. At Your Blinds Direct, we offer blackout and polycotton lining for almost all of our Roman Blinds. Depending on your preference you can choose from ivory and white colour linings.

The blackout lining will reduce the amount of light coming through a blind and successfully darken the room. All the fabrics available on our new website can be made blackout at no extra cost. Blackout Roman Blinds are perfect window dressing to be used in bedrooms. However, it is worth mentioning, that Roman Blinds as any other blind type will never be fully blackout. The light won’t go through the fabric but can come out the sides of a blind. Blackout lining will also help with the thermal efficiency of a Roman Blind.

The polycotton lining, as the name suggests, is made from polyester and cotton. It is used as a standard lining for Roman Blinds. The lining will protect your blind from sun damaging but won’t stop the sunlight from coming into a room. The polycotton lining gently filters the sunlight and lightly darkens the room while also providing you with privacy. The light filtering lining is perfect to use in sunny rooms, where there is a need to keep a blind down but there is no need for complete darkening.

Styles of Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Currently, at Your Blinds Direct, you can choose from almost 300 fabrics to make your blind and matching cushions.

Plain fabrics are a versatile option that will suit any interior style. Check out our Lima rage, available in 19 beautiful shades. From bright yellow to delicate oyster colour, this fabric has a subtle woven pattern that will add extra texture to your interior.

Roman blinds styles

Our Komodo range will add a bit of interest to your interior without being too overwhelming. The fabric features dotted raised texture in a wide selection of trendy colours.

Komodo roman blinds

Our patterned Roman Blinds will enhance your current interior and bring some interest to your window. We store a wide selection of floral-patterned blinds such as Costella Spa or Chia Rose that will bring a natural and feminine touch to your space.

Chia sunflower roman blind

For a timeless style, you can pair your Roman with curtains. The combination of two window dressings will add some cosiness to your room. Mix and match different shades and patterns to bring interest and enhance your window space.

Where to use Roman Blinds?

Roman Blinds can be used across different rooms of the house. The unique style of this blind will add some sophistication to your space and decorate any room. Roman Blinds are especially suitable for bedrooms and living rooms. You can still hang a Roman Blind in the bathroom or kitchen but remember that the blind’s fabric isn’t waterproof or moisture resistant. Therefore, we would generally recommend placing our Roman Blinds in dry areas of the house. Blackout Roman Blinds are a perfect solution for bedrooms and nurseries, whereas light filtering lining is suitable for windows that get a lot of sunshine.

Maverick mimosa roman blind

Motorised Roman Blinds

For convenient luxury, you can choose to motorise your Roman Blind. At Your Blinds Direct, we supply all of our electric Roman Blinds with Eclipse Powershade remotes. For gadget lovers, you can go down the home automation route and operate the blinds with an Eclipse Powershade Smart Controller. Motorised Roman Blinds are easy to install and very convenient to use. You can control your blind with a remote, smartphone or voice command from anywhere with a phone signal. It’s a perfect solution for a modern home. Our Motorised Roman Blinds are also completely child safe, since they don’t have any unnecessary cords or chains.

Gia dijon roman blind

Child Safety

Your Blinds Direct is a member of BBSA and we have always put child safety first. Roman Blinds, like all the other blinds available on our website, are supplied with child safety elements. If manually operated, the blind comes with a child safety box to make the metal chain safe. For the ultimate child safety option, you can always choose to motorise your Roman Blind.

In conclusion, Roman Blinds are a stylish window covering that is easy to operate and gives you optimal control over light and privacy. The unique style of this blind will add a touch of elegance to any space. Browse our wide variety of Roman Blinds fabrics and order your samples today.