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Differences between Vision and Senses Mirage Blinds

Feb 21 2022

Our senses mirage and vision blinds have similar looks when they are displayed on a window. However, they hold a couple of different properties from one another. Both blind types are an excellent alternative to roller blinds and are commonly known as “Day and Night blinds”. Both vision and senses mirage blinds are designed with two layers of fabric. This lets you have full control over the light and privacy within your space! Whether you need a little bit of privacy or dim-out properties, these blinds can offer you that option. Verona Brass Vision Blind

Vision Blinds

Vision blinds offer up to level 4 dimout and are very energy efficient when it comes to getting the most out of your blinds. Stylish, yet practical, vision blinds are an ideal blind for most places in your home. Best to avoid using them in bathrooms as they are not moisture resistant fabrics. When selecting your vision blind there are a variety of coloured cassettes to choose from. The cassette provides a lovely finish to the top of the blind and gives it a lavish feel. Another benefit is that you can have your vision blind completely motorised (Senses mirage blinds also have the same options to motorise). This means that you can control the blind from either a remote or a smart speaker.  The benefit of choosing motorised is that it is easy to control your blinds but is also the best option for child safety.

Vision Blinds vs Senses Mirage Blinds

Senses Mirage Blinds

Senses mirage blinds are slightly more expensive than vision blinds. Only because their fabrics offer more features than vision blinds, such as being moisture resistant. This allows you to use senses mirage blinds in a bathroom setting. These blinds can also be wiped clean using a damp cloth in case of any stains. However, it is only recommended that vision blinds get a light dusting, if necessary. Like vision blinds, senses mirage blinds also come with the option to choose from a variety of fascia’s to finish off the design of the blind. In this case, vision offers more choices on colours for facias/cassettes. Allure Scarlet senses mirage blinds

Colours on offer

When it comes to choosing the colour of your blind, senses mirage offers a bigger range of patterned and colourful designs. Great for the colourful home enthusiasts!  Vision blinds on the other hand offer a more neutral colour palette. So, ideal if you are all about minimalism. Be sure to order up to 8 free samples from the website to get a closer glimpse of your chosen colour. Lustre Graphite Senses Mirage Blinds In conclusion, there are more similarities than differences between vision and senses mirage blinds. We hope this detailed breakdown can make your decision easier when purchasing the perfect blind for your home. If you need more ideas check out our Instagram and Pinterest page. Your Blinds Direct is a leading UK manufacturer of beautiful made-to-measure window blinds, serving customers nationwide. Feel free to have a look at our website today for a huge selection of blind styles!