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6 Signs You Need Replacement Blinds

Oct 07 2022

Whether you’re looking to create a home worthy of a glossy magazine spread or just create an oasis of calm in a chaotic world, your window dressing can make or break the aesthetic.  That’s why, when it’s time to replace your blinds, you can count on Your Blinds Direct to supply the perfect new addition. But what are the signs your blinds need replacing? Here are six crucial things to look out for in your home or business that could signal the time for a change. Different Signs You Need Replacement Blinds

Faded or discoloured blinds?

Because blinds are quite literally sitting in the sun all day, there is often a tendency for them to fade in colour or become bleached by the sun — especially if your old blinds were a cheaper, quick fix when you first moved in. 

Warped or bent blinds?

Whether it’s because your blinds are in a busy part of the home or because they’ve been damaged by water, warped and bent blinds give an untidy look. They also aren’t as effective at providing lighting and privacy control.

Frayed fabric or cords?

Over time, the cords you use to raise and lower your blinds can become frayed, including the string used to connect slats on Venetian blinds, making them harder to use. This fraying can also occur with full fabric blinds such as Roman or roller blinds, particularly if they’ve been in constant use throughout the years, creating a messy look.

Difficult to operate?

Blinds should be effortless to use, so if your old blinds are stiff to open and close using the wand, if parts get stuck in the track, or if the cords have failed in places leaving it unbalanced, it’s probably time to make a change to avoid this daily struggle.

Not matching your decor?

Sometimes your blinds can be totally functional, but they might no longer match your decor. As time passes, interior design trends change, so it makes sense that your window dressing should keep up, meaning you ultimately require replacement blinds to maintain that on-trend feeling.

No longer suitable for the room?

Certain aspects of your life will change over time, such as the birth of a child or getting a new job, requiring a rethink of your current blinds. You may need blackout blinds for a baby’s room, or something more professional and practical in the study if your new job allows you to work from home.  

How long can blinds last?

How long can blinds last? This isn’t an easy question to give a definitive answer to, since it all comes down to quality. Opting for blinds where the components are poorly manufactured, flimsy or just generally weak, will see you having to replace your blinds sooner than if you’d invested in quality up front. That’s why at Your Blinds Direct, we only supply premium quality blinds, with all parts fully guaranteed. This gives you peace of mind that once you’ve replaced your old blinds, your new ones from us will last you for many years to come.   

What type of replacement blinds should I choose?

Which replacement blinds should you choose? When you make Your Blinds Direct your dedicated supplier of high-quality replacement blinds for your home, your options are almost endless. Whether you want to stick to the same style but with a new colour scheme or you’re looking for something completely new to match the new purpose of a room, we have something for everyone. Here are just a few of our recommendations for three of our most popular styles:   When you require replacement blinds for any room in your home, you need look no further. At Your Blinds Direct, we have over 30 years of experience and are members of the British Blind & Shutters Association (BBSA), the mark of a reliable company providing premium quality products. We’re always here to support our customers, so you can contact us for friendly, honest and professional advice at any point in your journey. Browse our full range today to find your perfect blinds and order up to 8 free samples to help make it easier to decide when replacing your current blinds.