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Spring Interior Design Trends 2021

Mar 22 2021

Last spring the majority of us spent more time at home than ever before. Pandemic and constant lockdowns surely shift our perspectives on how important the home environment is for our wellbeing. With that being said, home trends for spring and summer 2021 are expected to be led by the desire to make our spaces more balanced and calm. From the colours that impact our moods, to natural elements that bring us feelings of connection with nature there are a variety of ways how you can implement them in your life. Today, we have picked up our favourite styles and trends that will inspire you to make some changes in the upcoming season.

1.Rustic Style- Cottagecore

The trend of nature-inspired decor is not anything new. In fact, the Cottagecore style has been around for a few years now. However, this spring especially, countryside decor is expected to be one of the leading design trends.

“Cottagecore is all about the outdoors and slow living – think Anne of Green Gables meets The Secret Garden” – says Lucy Blackall

Inspired by agricultural life, the style embraces simple life that is harmonious with nature. Natural woods, soft and neutral colour palettes, flower accents. Those are some of the key aesthetic elements of the Cottagecore style.

At Your Blinds Direct, we have a wide selection of window blinds that will complement well Cottagecore inspired interiors. For example, our Palette White Vertical Blind will easily blend into neutral interiors.

Cottagecore White Vertical Blinds

Take a look at our selection of Faux Wood Blinds that will bring a rustic accent to your room.

Ventian Blinds traditional style

We also offer a huge selection of Roller Blinds in neutral shades. From light cream, beige to taupe colours, browse our website today to find a perfect shade for you.

Cream roller blind cottagecore

Our cream Venetian Blinds are a practical and stylish solution for Cottagecore inspired kitchens and bathrooms.

Cream Venetian Blinds kitchen

2. Earthy tones

We will see the rising popularity of neutral and warm accents in spring interiors. Timeless, and very versatile they are perfect shades to create a more comforting and welcoming environment. Inspired by nature, earthy shades will bring cosiness to your home. That’s why there is no surprise that Brave Ground has been chosen as Dulux 2021 Colour of the Year.

“A bolstering shade that connects back to nature and the simple things. A beautiful warm brown shade signifies balance. Comforting and grounding, this colour will coordinate well with rich earthy tones such as ochre, blues and greens”

One of the effective ways to transform the look of your room to more natural and earthy is to choose the blinds in the right shade for your colour palette.

Cream Vision Blinds such as our Capri Stone will brighten up your room and while maintaining your privacy.

Neutral vision blinds

Beige Vertical Blinds will pair beautifully with earthy colour palettes.

Cream Vertical Blinds

3. Yellow and Grey

If neutral shades are not your cup of tea, how about the contrasting yellow and grey? This year Pantone introduced those two colours as their new, 2021 Color of the Year. You can read our previous blog post here where we go more in-depth into Pantone new colour trend.  The mix of those two colours will be a huge trend in the upcoming months in the fashion and interior design industry.

At Your Blinds Direct, we have a wide selection of yellow and grey window blinds. All made to measure and high-quality, a perfect solution for redecorating your space. For example, our Polaris Grey Senses Roller Blind will look amazing in monochromatic grey interiors. Especially when you pair it with vibrant accent pieces such as Gemini Sunshine bedroom cushions.

Grey and yellow bedroom

Our Palette Sunshine Vertical Blind will liven up any interior.

Yellow Vertical Blinds kitchen

4. Grandmillenial style

Grandmillenial trend has recently become popular among the younger generations. This new interior design trend features a mix of patterns and styles with a strong emphasis on personality and uniqueness. Overall, the Grandmillenial style has its roots in a traditional style with a modern twist in it.

“Raised during the mass market furniture explosion, Millenials are rebelling against the monochromatic catalog looks that they were raised with and are looking to earlier generations for inspiration." says interior designer Kevin Isbell

With the rising popularity of this style on Instagram and Pinterest, we will see a lot more “Grandma Chic” interiors this spring. Those will feature bright colours, various prints, and textures.

To archive, Granmillenial style you should experiment with colourful patterns. Flowers and floral furniture, wallpapers, curtains, and blinds are a great way to transform simple interiors. For example, you can layer patterned Roman Blind with some colourful curtains.

floral pattern roman blinds

Our Posy Senses Mirage range features beautiful flower patterns that will bring some of the Grandmillenial style accents to your space.

Floral pattern senses mirage blinds

Mix and match different colours and patterns, order up to 8 samples of fabric here.

Fabric samples roman blinds

5. Japanadi

Japandi is a style featuring muted colour palettes and calming, minimalistic interiors that will lift up your spirit. The mix of Japanese design and Scandinavian minimalism will rise in popularity in the upcoming months. As we all know, our everyday surrounding has a huge impact on our wellness. Therefore, we should create a harmonious space at our home.

"Combining the content and cosy feel of Scandinavain hygge, with the Japanese foundations of feng shui and minimalism, this trend strikes the perfect balance between cosy, home comforts and fresh, modern style."

You can implement some elements of the Japanadi style by adding light wood furniture and decorations to your interior. To create a peaceful environment focus on choosing pale colour palettes for larger pieces such as furnishings and walls.

When it comes to window dressing, light, neutral-coloured Roller Blinds will blend in with your interior and help you create a relaxing Japanadi atmosphere.

White Vertical Blinds can add symmetry and a visually balanced feel to space.

White Vertical blinds bathroom

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