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Style Advice for your Bedroom

Dec 13 2021

Style Advice for your Bedroom

Choosing the right blinds for a specific place can be challenging. Different blinds have different properties that are better in certain rooms. Today we have some Style Advice for your Bedroom.  Like the last style advice post, we have chosen to feature blinds that match certain styles of Décor. We hope we can provide some inspiration when it comes to choosing the perfect blind for your style of bedroom.

Bohemian Décor

Featuring our Sienna beige senses roller

The roller blind is great for a bedroom. It is one of our most functional blind choices for any room. This colour particularly compliments a Bohemian décor theme as it focuses on a neutral colour palette. The senses element of the blind compared to a standard roller blind is that you have the option to choose a fascia. It really elevates the look of the blind as it has an elegantly curved and trimmed headrail.

style advice for your bedroom

Industrial Style

Featuring our Siena charcoal vision blind

Vision blinds feature two layers of fabric that gently filters and softens daylight whilst also offering you the option of privacy. With industrial décor, it is about the modern look. Wooden features, exposed brick, and sleek designs, hence why our Siena charcoal vision blind is the perfect fit. Firstly, the vision blind properties include level 4/5 dimout (darkness level when fully closed). Secondly, it is 2/3 for energy efficiency. So, chic and practical. Lastly, it has level 100 of UV blocking which helps to minimize exposure to harmful UVs and helps to protect your home décor from fading in harsh light.

style advice for your bedroom

Modern Contemporary Style

Featuring our Hudson Oyster Roman Blind

Such a sophisticated design on our Hudson Oyster Roman Blind. Subtle yet stylish. Our high-quality fabric dresses a window beautifully, particularly in a modern contemporary style. This blind also has the option to come with a blackout lining making it even more ideal for a bedroom setting. These made to measure blinds also have the option to be motorised for ultimate convenience

style advice for your bedroom


Featuring our Siena Biscuit Vision Blind

This maximalist setting is displaying our Siena Biscuit vision blind. It has the same properties that are highlighted in the industrial style breakdown however, the blind is just in a different colour. One of many! Going for a neutral-coloured blind in the maximalist setting allows the blind to tie into any colour scheme and doesn’t cause it to date too quickly if changes are made frequently to decor. It will go with any flamboyant designs which are typically found within a maximalist style.

Siena Biscuit Vision Blind


Featuring our Sunwood True faux wood blinds with herringbone Jet tapes

Faux wood blinds really are a timeless design. They look expensive and clean in any setting but look seriously chic in this bedroom.  Faux wood blinds are moisture-resistant and can be wiped clean, making them functional for a bedroom. This setting displays herringbone jet tapes on the blinds which can be added when placing an order. There are lots of different colour options of tapes to choose from. Again, these made to measure blinds have the option to be motorised which add a convenient yet modern touch that fits in with the minimalist aesthetic.

Sunwood true 50mm faux wood blinds with herringbone Jet tapes

We hope that you feel inspired by our Style advice for your Bedroom. If you need more ideas check out our Instagram and Pinterest page.

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