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Style Advice for your Living Room

Nov 12 2021

Most homeowners have a style of décor that they gravitate towards. Whether that be maximalism or minimalism, we have a wide range of blinds that come in all shapes and colours. All with the aim to make your house your home. For today’s blog post we want to share some guidance on how to style your living room. We hope we can inspire you on how to style blinds with your preferred style of décor.

Style advice for your Living Room

Bohemian Decor

“Polaris Blackout Vanilla Vertical Blinds”

Bohemian style is a way of bringing nature indoors.

By mixing textures and adding some greenery to the space, it gives a relaxed atmosphere. Boho chic leans towards using more tonal colours, keeping the space light. By adding textures within cushions, throws and furniture helps create a homely environment. We are showcasing our Polaris Blackout Vanilla Vertical blinds here as they match the colour scheme but also add an element of functionality as the blackout fabric gives full control over the light that is simple to fit and operate.

Style advice for your Living Room

Modern Contemporary Style

Astratto Slate Roller Blind

Our style advice for your Living Room in regards to a Modern contemporary style is our Astratto Slate Roller Blind. These blinds give an edge to any room and are perfect for a living room setting.

It is a high-quality fabric with a subtle design that compliments the moody atmosphere that modern décor brings. Using mostly wooden and metal surfaces in the furniture creates a dark space. However, by adding texture and pattern within the soft furnishings reduces a harsh Industrial feel making the space calmer.

Style advice for your Living Room

Modern Farmhouse

Taylor Spa Roman Blind

A modern farmhouse décor offers a warm and homely space that is filled with a balance of rustic features and thoughtful symmetry.

Also known as country chic, the mixing of textures within the space really gives the décor a luxe feel. Therefore, we have chosen to display a glimpse in the top left corner of our Taylor Spa Roman Blind. It is a sophisticated design that is made from high-quality fabric, fitting the high-end atmosphere of the living room.

Style advice for your Living Room

Mid Century Modern Style

Sunwood Serene Fine Grain, Faux Wood

This Faux Wooden blind is in the perfect white shade with a smooth finish that will brighten up your room and complement a living space.

It works perfectly in a mid-century modern setting as one of the main characteristics of the style is the use of clean lines and high functionality. Not to mention that wood is a major feature in all mid-century modern settings.

Style advice for your Living Room


Nevin Sunflower Roman Blind

Maximalist décor is loud and proud. Popular for bold colours, clashing prints and flamboyant furnishings.

Therefore, we have paired the beautiful Nevin Sunflower Roman Blind within the maximalist setting. This high-quality fabric has a wood grain textured design on the surface giving it an extra edge to add more dimension to the space. Maximalist décor really does grab your attention from all corners of the room.

Scandinavian Style

Cobalt Venetian Blind

Venetian blinds are one of the lowest maintenance blinds to have in your home, making them very functional and a good match for Scandinavian decor.

Popular for its practical nature, Scandi style is seen as a mixture between minimalist and modern. The use of colour within the style is also minimal with some warm tones, therefore, making Cobalt Blue a perfect shade for the room. Keeping the space fresh and bright.

Minimalist Style

Sunwood Amber Faux Wooden Blinds

As it states in the name, minimal everything for this décor style. Minimal colours, furniture, and soft furnishings.

Just keeping it simple. That’s where the faux wood blinds come in. A timeless, affordable style of blind that keeps in tow with the natural vibe of the minimalist style. The Amber colour of the blinds adds a balanced tone to the rest of the room, again in keeping with minimalist décor tendencies.

We hope that you feel inspired by our Style advice for your Living Room. If you need more ideas check out our Instagram and Pinterest page.

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