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Top 5 tips for keeping cosy in Winter

Feb 03 2022

Top 5 tips for keeping cosy in Winter

While Spring is on the horizon, I think we can all agree that February and March are always cold months in terms of the weather. For today’s post, we thought we could share our Top 5 tips for keeping cosy in your home over the winter months. These ideas won’t date, and you will use them year on year to keep you warm in your home over Winter.


Window Blinds

top 5 tips for keeping cosy

We have to mention blinds of course! Ideal for keeping the draught out by covering your window, there are a lot of timeless options that would be a great addition to keep a cosy home. Our Roller blinds and Roman blinds are a fabulous choice. The fabric of Roman blinds is thick and acts as a canvas for your window. Fitting your blinds outside the recess creates a barrier for your window, keeping the drift out of your space. Another bonus is that it does not disturb your window ledge decoration. Roller blinds are a great option as this blind also is thick enough to create an obstacle to the cold outside. A great option to retain heat within your space.

Double Duvet

top 5 tips for keeping cosy

A great invention that allows you to decide on the weight of your duvet. 2 duvets but 3 ways! This silent night example comes with a 10.5 tog, ideal for autumn into winter. It also includes a 4.5 tog which is ideal for the summer months. You can then clip the 2 duvets together and it creates the perfect duvet for winter. The ultimate cosy vibes allow you to avoid having your heating on during the night and avoid those high-cost heating bills!

Rearranging your furniture

top 5 tips for keeping cosy

Now is the time to move your furniture out of the way of your radiators to allow for the heat to circulate your room. With furniture in the way, it creates a blockage, meaning you are not getting the most out of your radiator when the heating is on. The picture above is featuring our Astratto slate senses roller blind.

Draft Excluders

draught excluders

There are a few options that you can implement in your home to prevent drafts from ruining your cosy home. One way that a draft will get into your home is through an open keyhole. A very affordable fix is to buy a keyhole cover. You may not think it would lose you much heat but having an exposed keyhole does let allow the heat to seep out. Another example is a draft excluder cushion. These usually come in the form of a long cushion that is weighted to have maximum heat retention as it lay along the bottom of a door frame. Lastly, a cheap alternative is draft sealers. These can be used around windows or doors to again, block out any unwanted drafts. A very effective and discrete way.

Throwover Blanket

heated blanket

The last of our top 5 tips for keeping cosy, A great alternative to heating yourself up while sitting on the sofa. A heated blanket uses less electricity and costs less than having your heating on. These blankets can heat up quickly and can provide a level of heat that you control from a handset.

We hope the post has been useful in your pursuit to keep cosy in your home over Winter! If you need more ideas check out our Instagram and Pinterest page.

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