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Trendy Colours For Autumn 2021

Nov 05 2021

In today’s post, we will share with you some of the most trendy autumn colours so you can refresh your space for a new season. Autumn is a beautiful time of year, full of warm colours and shades. With the cooler days and shorter nights, we all tend to spend more time at home. Having a cosy environment will make your space more welcoming and relaxing. A great way to make your space cosier is to introduce warm shade that we will talk to you about today. They are versatile enough to not only look amazing in autumn but all year round.

Browns and neutrals

Warm brown shades are popular all year round but especially in the autumn decor, we tend to use them to decorate. For a cosy interior, you can pair them with other earthy shades such as greens and oranges. The wooden accent can become a statement piece in a room and pair well with many different colours. Our sunwood faux wood blinds are a great alternative to real wood. For an earthy look, you can choose our Amber or Lima range that will successfully imitate wood. Browse our full range of Sunwood blinds in here.

  to show examples of faux wood

Burnt Orange

Another popular colour for the autumn season is orange. It’s the colour of the autumn leaves and Halloween decorations. For autumn 2022 we would especially recommend burnt orange shade. It’s more subtle and versatile than striking orange and will create a cosy atmosphere in your space.

If you are looking for blinds in the trendy burnt orange shade, check out our selection of Roller and Roman blinds. Our made to measure roller blinds will bring a contemporary touch to any interior and are easy to fit and operate. Roman blinds are one of our thicker fabric options for dressing your window so it is a great addition for the colder months. See our featured blinds below.

an example of our roman and roller blinds in burnt orange

Mustard yellow

Mustard colour has been popular in interior design over the past few years. Especially after Pantone announced it as one of the Colour of the 2021 Year, we have seen many yellow and grey colour combinations.  For the autumn and winter months, we would recommend introducing mustard yellow shades to your interior.

If you don’t want to go all out with autumn coloured blinds check out our collection of beautiful cushions. They are great for adding stylish accents to your room and you can switch them up each season.

an example of our cushion collection

Autumn decorations

For a complete autumn look, you can also finish off your room with some autumn decorations. Autumn wreaths are a popular trend and we have seen them all over social media lately. Wicker baskets with cosy throws and pillows are also a great addition to any space. Finish it off with some autumn candles for a complete autumn look.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this post and we inspired you to introduce some autumn shades to your décor. If you are looking for some trendy interior ideas check out our Pinterest account. We’ve created a whole board where we feature some of our favourite autumn interiors.

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