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Upcoming Interior Trends to Revamp Your Rooms for Autumn and Winter 2018

Oct 24 2018

As the hot summer draws to an end, we’re beginning to see a change in season as autumn arrives… And with new seasons, come new home decor trends to keep up with. Autumn brings plenty of seasonal inspiration for our homes with its earthy tones and textures. We’ll discuss how to incorporate these stunning traits of autumn and winter 2018 to revamp each of your rooms.

1. Darken Your Palette

We’re all familiar that the nights start drawing in once summer has passed. We often brew a hatred to the now black skies come 7 o’clock and yet, surprisingly, going dark with your colour palette for autumn is becoming a popular interior trend. By incorporating a selection of bold blues to a living room, you can add a neutral yet accentuated look and feel to the room. This way, it becomes cosy whilst being modern and mimics high-end fashion homes. We suggest adding it to your home decor with soft furnishings such as blinds, cushions and rugs. Opt for our Como Lago Vertical Blind, with a painted tree-branch pattern it’s ideal for adding texture and bringing the bare autumn trees into your room in a subtle yet interesting way. Como Lago Vertical Blind

2. Mixing Metals

The trend of mixing different metallic tones is becoming increasingly popular, despite being told for years to choose one metal and stick to it. It’s one of the easiest trends to transform a room quickly and easily but there are a couple of things to consider when choosing which metal tones to mix. Considering the size of your room is important; incorporating a mix of three different metals in a small room may be too much and look overcrowded, so it may be better to opt for mixing and matching just two. The finish of the metals is also something to consider and should be kept consistent throughout - polished metals create a contemporary feel, whilst brushed metals feel more traditional. Popular choices for this trend are brushed gold, chrome, bronze and rose gold. However, our favourite combination is mixing copper with silver, the juxtaposition between the warm copper tones and cooler silvers feels sophisticated and modern. The Verona Copper Vision Blind is a perfect choice to create this look - paired with polished silver and other copper accessories like mirrors, tables and candle holders it creates a clean and contemporary feel whilst adding an element of lux. Verona copper vision blind

3. Jewel Tones

From deep turquoise and emerald greens to ruby reds and sapphire blues, combining jewel tones is a vibrant yet classy way to enhance your home and add a touch of decadence to any space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these colours as they work best when used together. Incorporating jewel tones into your home decor is a very versatile trend, whether you want to add a few accent pieces or go for a full jewel-tone colour scheme, it can be tailored to all tastes and budgets. You could opt for a statement piece of furniture or paint a feature wall to create a focal point. If you’re aiming for a more simple approach you could add cushions, rugs or wall art in a range of jewel tones. A mixture of fabrics and textures also work best for this interior trend. Silks, velvets and satins add depth to your home, making the Zadie Pomegranate Roller Blind the perfect option to achieve this luxurious look in your home. The deep pomegranate shade and subtle pattern work beautifully in a dining room, paired with contrasting textures of velvet chairs or a fluffy rug, to create a warming atmosphere and cosy, welcoming feel. Zadie Pomegranate Roller Blind

4. Graphic Prints

Graphic prints are an ongoing trend in interior design, bringing texture, depth and an extra dimension into your room. They are also a super easy way to break up more neutral tones and add a pop of colour to a room, without having to opt for a block of colour. Adding graphical prints in a range of on-trend colours for this season is a great way to update your home easily and effectively, without breaking the bank. Graphic prints that work well for autumn are paisley prints such as the Zadie Pearl print, adding a royal and elegant yet subtle feel, as well as leaf prints as found in our Calista Citrus blind to add a more delicate pattern whilst still bringing dimension and colour to the space. Another favourite is the Farrah Copper Roller Blind, bringing warmth with its autumnal coppery orange tones, but maintaining a contemporary feel with the bold geometric print. It’s ideal to jazz up a plain white bathroom, by pairing with other copper and orange accessories to tie everything together. Farrah Copper Roller Blind

5. Subtle Silvers

As with lots of interior trends, silver home styling was inspired by new season clothing and fashion trends for A/W 2018. Futuristic, sci-fi silver has been a popular clothing trend on the catwalks this autumn, seen on high-end designers like Balmain, Givenchy and Christian Dior. Adding some soft silver hues and metallic touches to a room give a cool, yet elegant feel to the space and can be paired with a variety of statement colours, making it a trend that can be tailored to suit all tastes. A colour combination we feel works particularly well with this trend is millennial pink. From previous seasons trends we know that greys and other cool neutral tones mixed with millennial pink makes a go-to colour palette, so adding in this seasons silvery hues is a great way to incorporate a new trend and update a room. Opt for the Woodland Silver Birch Roller Blind to easily add in those subtle silver tones, whilst also adding pattern and texture to the room. Pair this with metallic silver accessories such as cushions, candle holders, lighting and mirrors to create a timeless and chic feel in your room. Woodland Silver Birch Roller Blind


Our colour palette this autumn and winter focuses on the typically autumnal, warming tones of burnt oranges, coppers and ruby reds, though we’re branching out to some cooler toned shades as well. With recent trends in the fashion industry inspiring us to dive out of our comfort zone, we’ve incorporated beautiful blues and dramatic silvers to our interiors too. Colour Availability If you decide to add these stunning shades to your home, don’t worry that your home will feel outdated come spring. With so many ways to incorporate these colours into your rooms, you can revamp and update your home at a low cost by simply swapping soft furnishings such as cushions or rugs, or adding wall art to tie in new season trends.

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