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Differences between Venetian and Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

May 16 2022

There are more similarities than differences between Venetian and perfect fit Venetian blinds. These blind types are a popular choice for many as they are such versatile blinds to have in your home. The only difference between these two types of blinds is the way they are positioned in your window. We offer a multitude of colours and 3 different types of aluminium slats which we will detail further in the post. Depending on the needs of your chosen room, by the end of the post, you will have a clearer idea of the best Venetian blind for you.

The difference in fitting each blind type

The main difference between Venetian and perfect fit Venetian is how they fit around your window.

PERFECT FIT VENETIANS fit within the rubber bead/seal of your window, found between the frame and the glass of your window. If you have lead strips inside your glass, this blind type will not fit, making standard Venetians a better option. Once your perfect fit blinds are in place, they sit flush against the glass of your window, allowing full access to a windowsill. Perfect fit blinds are a great space-saving option for patio or bifold doors and lastly, they offer excellent light and privacy which is fully controlled by pulling the bottom bar up and down. Not to mention being completely child safe too. Find our full fitting instructions here.

VENETIAN BLINDS can either be made to fit within your window recess or made to the exact size to fit outside of your recess. There is an option for you to choose your preferred option when adding the blind to your basket. These blinds have the same light and privacy control as perfect fit Venetians but have a tilt wand and raise cord instead of the pull bar control that the perfect fit design offers.

What are the 3 different types of Aluminum slats?

We offer 25mm slats which are the same for both blind types. They come in either standard aluminium, perforated or thermal. Standard aluminium is the regular 25mm slats with no extra features but is the most popular choice. Perforated features small holes in the slat that gently filter through sunlight while still offering full privacy. Finally, thermal slats have a gold reflective coating on the back which reflects UV light, keeping your room cooler for longer. An ideal choice for a warm attic window or a south-facing room that can overheat easily while the sun shines. Please note that all our colour options are not all available with all 3 slat types. See the image below of the different looks of each slat type.

Differences between Venetian and Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds

Deciding on a colour

We have over 50 colours to choose from in our Venetian range, in both Venetian and perfect fit Venetian blinds. From neutrals to the colours of the rainbow, hopefully, there is a colour for you! If you have a specific colour in mind head to the category of your blind choice and select our “filter by the colour option to the left of the product listings.

We hope this post has given you the insight you needed when deciding on which Venetian blind to choose! Check out our Instagram and Pinterest pages for more inspiration on how to find your perfect blinds. Your Blinds Direct is a leading UK manufacturer of beautiful made-to-measure window blinds, serving customers nationwide. Have a peek at our website today for a huge selection of blind styles, materials, and designs and order up to 8 FREE samples today.