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Which Blinds Are Best For Small Windows?

Aug 21 2023

While we all appreciate large windows for the amount of natural light they bring and the sense of space they offer, many homes will feature at least one small window. These windows are an opportunity to ventilate a room and provide much-needed light no matter how small, but just as with bigger windows, they still need blinds for control over privacy. At Your Blinds Direct, we stock a comprehensive range of styles, allowing you to get made-to-measure blinds that suit any taste and any window.  The best blind for a simple, small window, has to be a roller blind, but our range means that you’re not limited when finding a solution for any small bedroom, bathroom or kitchen window. And to provide you with some additional inspiration, we’ve collected our top picks for small window blind ideas below: Which blinds are best for small windows?

Small Window Blinds Ideas

Roller blinds for small windows

One of the simplest blinds you can choose for a small window is a roller blind. This is because they’re easy to use, are flexible when it comes to length and can be created with special blackout material to make them ideal for a child’s bedroom. Add some fun to your child’s room with our ABC Characters roller blind — perfect for a small window and a good night’s sleep.

Venetian blinds for small windows

If you have a window that is shorter than usual, but with the normal width, you can get great control over the lighting and privacy via Venetian blinds. This blind type offers both style and elegance, no matter what size your window is, with elegant slats that can be set to any angle. Keep things simple and airy when you’re limited on space with our Sweet Meadow Venetian blinds. Venetian blinds, such as Sweet Meadow, are perfect for small windows

Vertical blinds for small windows

Where you have a window that is taller than it is wide, vertical blinds will better suit the space. With individual, elongated slats that you can easily adjust, these keep a professional look for any study or office, offering a practical solution for a tall window.  Accent a small window in your room, hallway or corridor with Banlight Duo FR Concrete vertical blinds. Vertical blinds can be used with small windows

Vision blinds for small windows

With two striped layers of fabric, you can get the ultimate control for your small window in any room of your home. Tailor your choice of colour as well as the size of these easy-to-use blinds for total convenience and an attractive finish. Create a subtle sense of style with our Trieste Jupiter Vision blinds, combining three complementary colours. Vision blinds are a popular choice for small windows  

How to choose blinds for small windows

Part of the challenge when choosing blinds for small windows is the different things you need to factor into the decision. Here are just a few of the key elements you should keep in mind when selecting your blinds:
  • The width - How wide your window is will play into the decision, with a Venetian blind offering a better fit due to the individual slats providing more control over light. This is opposed to a sheer sheet of fabric that forms a roller blind which can look too chunky in this situation. 
  • The length - Consider the length of your window when choosing the blinds as there will be styles better suited. Narrow and tall windows can often be tricky to style, but something flexible, like vertical blinds, will help give you control. 
  • The room - Your decision should be heavily influenced by the room the window is in. For example, a child’s bedroom requires something easy to use and fun, whereas a bathroom window needs something simple that can stand up to moisture. 
  • Fitting - If your window is extremely small, it’s worth considering how tricky a blind might be to fit in the space. A bespoke blind make it easy to get the style you want, but do you have room to install it within your small window recess? You can find more guidance on measuring and fitting to help you with this here.  Your Blinds Direct offers a range of blinds suitable for small windows
Here at Your Blinds Direct, you’ll find a fantastic range of blinds for small windows to help you style any room in your home. Helping customers across the UK for over 30 years, we only provide high-quality blinds, plus, we’re members of the British Blind & Shutters Association (BBSA) for your complete peace of mind. For additional support, our friendly team is always happy to help — simply contact us today.