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Which Blinds Are Most Energy Efficient?

Aug 16 2022

There are a whole host of reasons why, as a country, we’re trying to save on energy. One of the biggest factors is our impact on the planet, but a huge driver for energy-efficient homes these days is down to costs. With higher energy prices affecting almost every home right now, things are tight. And with price caps set to increase, it’s easy to see why people are seeking other ways to both warm their home in winter and cool it in summer. Windows are a huge source of daylight, but they’re also one of the ways your home can leak heat or trap it, depending on the time of year. For that reason, it makes sense to take time to consider your options when it comes to styling your windows. With the right blinds, you could not only improve the look of your home but also make it more energy efficient. Investing in blinds might seem like another cost, but if you choose wisely, you could save money long into the future on your energy bills. So, with this in mind, let’s explore your options and find out which blinds are the most energy efficient this month.

What type of blinds insulate best?

The first thing to point out here is that by adding any type of blind to your windows you can make improvements to your home’s energy-efficiency. This is because having a blind fitted is better than simply leaving the window empty for the heat to escape or the sun to bake the room. That being said, you can of course go one step further and invest in a blind type that has different properties that make it more efficient than other styles. Here are our three recommendations for the most energy-efficient blinds in our range:

Energy-efficient Roman blinds 

Our Zyra Silver Roman Blind is an energy efficient blind You’ll be pleased to know that roman blinds allows you to not only elevate your interior in terms of aesthetics, but also improve your ability to keep a room warm. With a thicker material than most blinds and the option to have a blackout lining, it’s a winning combination for bedrooms and living rooms alike. Try our stylish Zyra silver Roman blind with a blackout lining for your home.

Energy-efficient roller blinds

Our Banlight Duo FR scarlet roller blind is made from a blackout material making it energy efficient Often thought of as one of the simpler blind styles, because a roller blind is a full sheet of material with no gaps - and available with a dimout fabric for additional efficiency - you could make savings on energy bills. The closer you place a roller blind to the window itself, the more thermal efficiency you’ll get from it. Our Banlight Duo FR scarlet roller blind is a blackout material, so is better suited for keeping light out in summer and heat in during winter.

Energy-efficient perfect fit blinds

Less about the material itself and more about how the blind is installed, a perfect fit blind allows you to completely cover the window pane in any room. So whether you want to keep a bedroom cool during the day or stop as much heat from escaping as possible in winter, a perfect fit blind will stand the best chance. Pleated perfect fit blinds make the obvious choice to help keep a home warm.

Easily adjusted with motorised accessories

It’s simple to motorise an energy-efficient blind with a motorised blind remote Once you’ve found your preferred blind style and material, it’s worth thinking about motorised accessories so that you can easily adjust the level throughout the day. At the touch of a button, you can block out the midday sun in summer, removing the need to switch on fans or air conditioning most of the time. Similarly, as the evenings begin to get cooler, you can stave off the need to increase the temperature on your thermostat by lowering the blinds to trap any existing warm air. It’s simple to motorise an energy-efficient Roman blind with the Roman Powershade 1 channel remote.

Here to help you

Overall, blinds are probably better for keeping your home cool in summer, thanks to their ability to directly block the sun’s rays. However, it’s still worth considering having a blind placed within your window recess to reduce the amount of warm air leaving and cold air entering during winter. If you need any more help and advice, we’re always happy to be of service at Your Blinds Direct. We can help you make the right choice for your home whether you want to prioritise style, functionality, energy efficiency or all three. Simply contact us for assistance or  browse our range today and order up to 8 FREE samples to find the ideal energy-efficient material for your home.