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Which Blinds Make a Room Look Bigger?

Oct 30 2023

Happiness comes from feeling like you have plenty of your own space; after all, no one wants to be cramped in with their possessions. Some room to spread out is good for so many reasons, not least because it can make a home feel more tranquil and relaxing. The reality is, however, that not all homes are built equal. Most standard homes in the UK will have some smaller rooms - such as a living room or bedroom - that you wish would feel that little bit bigger.  But how can you achieve this through the way you style your windows? With blinds of course. They’re a great alternative to the dominating and suffocating size of curtains, but you still get great functionality from them. You have to choose your blinds carefully though, which is why this month at Your Blinds Direct, we’re going to explain just how blinds can make a room seem bigger, along with some tips on how to maximise the spacious feeling you get through the options open to you. Which Blinds Make a Room Look Bigger?  

How blinds can make a room appear bigger

A small room can be a real design challenge, but it can be overcome with the use of the right blinds.  The first way in which your choice of window dressing contributes to your sense of space is down to how they are fitted. Blinds or curtains that sit outside the recess of the window will feel like they take up more room, because the eye detects less wall space, whereas sleek blinds within the recess feel like a space saver. Choosing a blind that complements the decor of your room is also a good idea. The right colour and material contributes to a less overwhelming sensation. Roller blinds and Venetian blinds are perfect for this, but carefully chosen vertical blinds installed within the recess can also have the same impact.  For the ultimate space-saving style, why not try our Sweet Meadow Perfect Fit Venetian blind? Clipping seamlessly into your window frame, it offers a sleek finish in a neutral tone. Sweet Meadow Perfect Fit Blinds can make a room appear bigger  

Which blind colours make a room look bigger?

You may have noticed that our recommendation above was to pick a neutral tone, and that’s no accident. The colour of your blinds can have a big impact on how large or small your space feels. Lighter, airy tones will keep things feeling fresh and free, whereas dark tones can draw your eye to the size of a space, especially when contrasted against lighter walls. If you’re hoping to use blinds to create a feeling of more depth and width, you should also avoid fitting blinds with a large pattern on them, as this can also draw attention to the space. Within our senses roller blinds range, we recommend the Banlight Duo FR Bright White, providing a clean, crisp covering that will make any room feel lighter. You can also now shop for blinds by colour in our range, including the following neutral tones: Neutral colours such as our Banlight Duo FR Bright White Senses Roller Blind can make a room appear bigger  

Do wider blinds make a room look bigger?

Creating the illusion of extra space is all about keeping the proportions of the room in mind. Wider blinds won’t necessarily make a room look bigger if they then dominate the free wall space. Wider slats in Venetian blinds, however, can help to make the window feel a little smaller, making it look as though there is more empty wall space and thus making the space itself feel larger. Similarly, for more height, vertical blinds or even Allusion blinds can draw the eye upward if you have a window or patio door, giving the impression that the room stretches higher than it does in reality. Vista Snow Allusion Blinds are a wonderful option for those larger windows that go from floor to ceiling, keeping the space light and feeding the illusion of a larger space. Our Vista Snow Allusion Blind Is Perfect For Making A Room Appear Bigger   Are you attempting to make more of the smaller spaces in your home? Take advantage of the optical illusion that the right blinds can provide with stylish, streamlined products from our range online here at Your Blinds Direct.  With over 30 years of experience in supplying quality blinds for homeowners across the UK, you can find a great selection of colours, styles and materials to help open up your space. Plus, we’re members of the British Blind & Shutters Association (BBSA), so contact us today for additional support and advice from a company you can count on.