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Why Buy Motorised Blinds?

Feb 08 2019

Why Buy Motorised Blinds? Benefits of Motorised Blinds | Your Blinds Direct Motorised blinds, sometimes known as electric blinds, allow you to control your blind settings without even moving from your seat. They enable you to alter lighting levels and increase your privacy all at the touch of a button. Your Blinds Direct stock a wide range of motorised roller blinds, in a variety of styles, patterns and colours so you’re sure to find something to suit your home and add a touch of convenient luxury. But first, we thought we’d talk about why electric blinds are popular and share some of the benefits of adding motorised blinds to your home.

Why They’re Becoming More Popular

As demand grows for ‘Smart Home’ technology, it means that we’re always looking for ways to cut corners and add new levels of convenience to our day to day lives.    Whether that’s from heating systems controlled by smartphone apps, voice-controlled assistants such as Alexa and Siri, video doorbells you can answer from out of the home or even motorised blinds, we’re seeing a growing trend that we’re all getting behind. Another contributing factor to the rise in popularity for motorised blinds is the price point. Whilst a few years ago motorised blinds were quite a costly addition to the home, that is no longer the case. Motorised blinds have become significantly more affordable, and the practical benefits they provide are well worth the additional cost. Innovative, yet easy on the wallet. It’s no wonder that more and more homeowners are opting for them.

What Are The Benefits?

Convenience & Comfort

Whilst there a many benefits to motorised blinds, the convenience factor has to be one the biggest. The easy-to-use remote control supplied with most motorised blinds allows you to operate them from exactly where you’re standing (..or sitting, or lying!). Motorised blinds are ideal for large homes with lots of windows and if a push of the button isn’t convenient enough, then you could always use the optional hub to control the blinds through your smartphone or Alexa.


For people with mobility issues, motorised blinds are the perfect solution to help them easily carry out everyday tasks. Opting for a remote controlled option is even better - keep the remote in a handy or easy to reach place and operate the blinds from wherever is most comfortable. The remote used to control the blinds is also ergonomically designed and simple to use.

Child & Pet Safety

Motorised blinds are much safer than normal blinds. The operating cords or chains on traditional blinds can be safety hazards when our supplied safety device is not used, particularly if you have children or pets. Motorised blinds from Your Blinds Direct are 100% cord and chain free, making them a safe and convenient solution for all members of your family.

Cover Hard to Reach Windows

Nowadays, lots of new and modern homes lend themselves to having lots of large windows in places difficult to reach. If you’ve got windows that are high up or covered by furniture, they may be difficult to reach to close your blinds or curtains. Motorised blinds are the ideal solution to block out or let in light from hard to reach windows without the struggle.

How Do They Work?

Motorised blinds have two main operating options, the primary option is a wireless handset connecting to a Lithium rechargeable motor. The other option is a wand button that is connected to the motor. Both options are easy to install, use and maintain. No mains wiring or costly electricians required. Why Buy Motorised Blinds? Benefits of Motorised Blinds | Your Blinds Direct The wand control switch hangs neatly to the side of the blind - you can choose to have it fitted to either the left or right-hand side. The wands are 100 cm in length, finished in sleek white. The discreet motor is contained within the blind tube so cannot be seen, helping to complement the aesthetic of your home. Batteries are included but can be easily replaced when required, the external tube takes standard AA batteries. The wireless operated blinds come with a stylish handset, allowing you to control your blind from anywhere in the house at the push of a button. A single remote can operate up to five separate blinds and comes with an l wall holder to store it away neatly. Again, the motor is contained within the blind tube and takes up no more room than the standard chain control.

How To Buy Motorised Blinds from Your Blinds Direct

Buying motorised blinds from Your Blinds Direct is super easy and requires only a couple of steps during the ‘add to basket’ stage. Once you’ve decided on the perfect blind for your room, you’ll need to input the desired width and drop for your new blind. Choose your cassette type and roll options and then, finally, the control options. To make your new blinds motorised, select the ‘Remote Starter Kit’ when purchasing your blinds, which will give you the luxury of automation with an easy to use configuration. Why Buy Motorised Blinds? Benefits of Motorised Blinds | Your Blinds Direct  

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