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Why Choose Motorised Blinds?

Apr 29 2021

When you start to consider why motorised blinds might be a great thing to have in your home, one thing springs immediately to mind: luxury! What could be more decadent than letting in the morning sun without having to get out of bed, or lounging on your sofa and shutting out a rainy night at the touch of a button?

After all, we use remote controls for our televisions, our heating and for locking our car doors, so why should our blinds be any different?

But there are also some very practical reasons for installing motorised blinds as well. Here are just a few:

Ease of use

Why choose motorised blinds

Let’s face it, normal blinds can be a bit awkward sometimes, especially when you’re in a hurry. Cords can easily get tangled, you can forget to open faux wood Venetian blinds before raising them, or you don’t pull on the cords quite right so one side goes up more than the other. You can forget all of that if you use our motorised blinds – they go straight up, they go straight down, and if you want them half open at a particular level, well, that’s just as easy. Our electric blinds can be easily controlled by remote, or if using a hub, by voice command or a smartphone app.

No cords to worry about

Motorised vision blinds

Young children and pets (especially cats) are not always the perfect partners for blinds with cords. Curious fingers and paws have been known to wreak all kinds of damage when the back of a responsible adult is turned. Cords can be particularly dangerous for babies and young children, so doing away with them is strongly recommended – we’re members of the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA), whose Make it Safe campaign is specifically aimed at promoting window blind safety where babies and young children are present. So, if you are looking for a completely child-safe solution, our motorised blinds are a perfect option. 

Hard to reach areas

Motorised roller blinds in open plan living area

Perhaps the most sensible of all reasons would be to use motorised roller blinds on windows that are difficult to get at. With the popularity for barn and warehouse conversions, or flats and rooms situated in the lofts or eaves of a tall building, there are probably more rooms with high windows than ever. Shutting out the night or the early morning sun without having to resort to using a ladder or a long pole seems like the best solution.

Programmed openings and closings

Motorised senses mirage blinds

When you use one of our state-of-the-art hubs to control your blinds, you can program your motorised faux wood Venetian Blinds to open and close at pre-set times, resulting in two big benefits: 

    • You can save money: if you’re out all day you can program them to close when it gets dark. As they also provide extra insulation, that could save on your heating bills in winter so your motorised blinds price will probably get paid back in the long run.
    • You can make your home more secure: you can program your blinds to open and close at set times if you’re away on holiday, a great way of deterring potential burglars.

Somfy remote for blinds

Some of the top brands we can supply include Louvolite One Touch, the Eclipse Powershade, ideal for use with motorised Roman Blinds, and Somfy, which can be used with faux wood motorised Venetian Blinds.

If this article has given you food for thought when it comes to having motorised blinds in your home, then why not get in touch with Your Blinds Direct for one of the widest selections available in the UK? Our motorised blinds won’t just enhance your home, they’ll enhance your life!