🎄Christmas Delivery Timings🎄

🎄Christmas Delivery Timings🎄



As the festive season approaches, ensuring timely Christmas deliveries becomes paramount in guaranteeing a stress-free celebration. It’s crucial to plan ahead and get your holiday shopping done in a timely manner. The joyful anticipation of gift-giving and receiving can be enhanced by avoiding the last-minute rush, allowing ample time for packages to reach their destinations. By staying informed about shipping deadlines and placing orders ahead of time, you not only alleviate the pressure on delivery services but also contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable holiday experience for yourself and your loved ones. So, embrace the spirit of the season by proactively organizing your Christmas shopping and relish the delight of knowing your purchaes will arrive on time, wrapped in the warmth of holiday cheer.

Because of our manufacturing times we have to set a cutoff date for the last
possible time to order for a guaranteed Christmas delivery.
Any orders past these dates cannot be guaranteed, but we will always try our best.


Order by these dates for a guaranteed Christmas delivery*

Wednesday 6th December at 4pm
Roller Blinds
Vision Blinds
Allusion Blinds
Aluminium Venetians
Vertical Blinds
Pleated Blinds
All Perfect Fit Types
Senses Roller Blinds
Senses Mirage


Monday 11th December at 4pm
Wooden Venetians


Friday 15th December at 9am
All Accessories


Our offices will be closed for the holidays from Thursday 21st 2023 until Tuesday 2nd January 2024.
Any correspondence during this time will be answered upon our return.


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*These timings will be subject to stock availability.