Interior Design Trends SS2017

Dec 15 2016

Spring 2017 Interior Design Trends

We may well still be at the start of Winter 2016 but when it comes to interior design we’re already looking towards Spring / Summer 2017. There are some fantastic ways to follow spring 2017 interior design trends that won't break the bank and will keep your home looking fresh for the years afterwards. Home décor trends for this coming season are ones that are easily integrated into many different décor ideas, so that’s great news for everyone.

Pastel Colours

One trend that is likely to continue into 2017 is the use of pastel colours. People are showing themselves to be big fans of soft colours, organic schemes and silhouettes. These tend to be matched with curves and tailored looks, to give a clean finish to rooms that are decorated with this in mind.

Metallic Textures

Metals are going to be big next year as things like polished nickel and silver come back into fashion. In line with the pastel colour trend people are looking for clean and professional finishes which metal does perfectly. All metals will be on trend but silver and nickel will definitely be up there amongst the most popular.

Upcycling Vintage

For the past few seasons we have seen vintage looks be popular within interior design looks, but now it’s going one step further. Now people are working on vintage pieces to give them a modern twist and this idea is going to be something really popular within Spring/Summer interior design themes next year.

Mixing Textures

As much as metal will be popular, so will mixing textures. We’ve seen in it fashion and now it looks likely to follow through into home décor. People will want to combine natural texture (cane, abaca, rattan) with different highly polished metals – which is a really exciting combination to have.