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Somfy Li-ion Solar Panel Charger

This official Somfy Li-ion solar panel is a great addition to your Somfy products to keep them running longer. For compatibilty see details below.

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This official Somfy product will trickle charge your compatible Somfy product.
Please note this is not a replacement for a mains charger, the solar panel will only extend the time required between charges.

Compatible Somfy products that will work with this solar panel are:
Somfy Li-ion Battery Unit (Ref: 9021217) Available to purchase here
Sonesse 28 WF RTS Li-Ion (Ref: 1003296) – Only motors manufactured after 1st April 2020.
Sonesse Ultra 30 WF RTS Li-Ion (Ref: 1003310) – Only motors manufactured after 1st April 2020.
Tilt&Lift 25 WF RTS (Ref: 1003293) and external Li-ion battery (Ref:9021217).
TiltOnly 50 WF RTS (Ref: 1240277) and external Li-ion battery (Ref:9021217).
Roll up 28 WF RTS (Ref:1240292) and external Li-ion battery (Ref:9021217).
Please note:
This is not compatible with the Roll Up 24 WF RTS Li-ion (Ref: 1240279) & Roll Up 28 WF RTS Li-ion (Ref: 1240638) at this moment in time.

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Black, White


Plastic and metal


Length 301mm x Height 40mm x Depth 11mm