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Are Window Shutters Worth It?

Dec 12 2023

Window shutters combine functionality, aesthetics and energy savings, making them an extremely sound investment for the long term.  While some things come down to personal taste, it’s hard to deny that shutters for your windows are worth it. At Your Blinds Direct, we stock Perfect Fit shutters in Cotton white and Arctic white, and this month we’ll be taking a closer look at why people choose them, what makes them such a good investment and how they compare with blinds. Are window shutters worth it?

Why choose window shutters?

On top of the obvious practical benefits that window shutters have for control over privacy and lighting, why else should you consider them? Here are our three top reasons to choose our high-quality shutters for your home:
  • Longevity and durability - We all want quality that will last, which is what you get with shutters in our range. Manufactured here in the UK, their high-quality PVC makes them resistant to moisture and simple to maintain. This means your investment will last for years to come. 
  • Timeless elegance - Shutters have always made a great window styling option, providing an elevated sense of elegance to any home. They suit any property from almost any period, delivering sophistication on another level that makes your home the envy of your neighbours. 
  • Suitable for many rooms - Whether you want to keep out prying eyes at street level in your living room, provide a comfortable home office space or complement the clean lines of a bathroom, window shutters can perfectly complement your decor.

Are window shutters energy efficient?

Are window shutters energy efficient? Yes, window shutters are great for the energy efficiency of your home because they add another barrier between the room and the window. Windows are a key way in which most homes lose their heat, so if you place Perfect Fit shutters into your windows, you naturally get another layer of insulation in this area. Window shutters play a role not just in winter when you want to keep warm, however. Keeping your shutters closed on hot summer days when the sun bears down on your windows will help to keep a room shady, lowering the overall temperature. So while you should see lower energy bills in winter, you also won’t need to spend money on air conditioning and fans in summer either. These are two essential ways in which the investment in window shutters can help you to save money in the long run.  

Do interior shutters add value to your home?

Absolutely. If you put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyers looking at two homes of a similar build and quality, would you pay more if it came with beautiful, durable window shutters already in place?  The more complete a home looks, the more people are often willing to pay, and while shutters alone won’t secure you a sale, they will certainly add to the overall quality of a property. Your property can stand out from the crowd with a higher asking price when you invest in quality and present an aesthetically pleasing home that is ready to move into.  

Shutters vs Blinds: Which Are Better?

Shutters vs blinds The choice between shutters and blinds for the windows in your home is ultimately up to you. Various factors must be considered, such as their suitability, the existing decor or future plans, and, naturally, your budget. While some blinds may be cheaper upfront, they may not give you quite the same longevity or style. If window shutters provide the unique aesthetic appeal you’re looking for, they’re certainly worth the investment. Plus, with Perfect Fit window shutters, you no longer have to worry about drilling holes into your walls or window frames. That makes them even more appealing for any home. Don’t forget, you can mix and match the window styling within your home, perhaps electing for the beauty and privacy of shutters at the front of your property, with simple and practical roller blinds reserved for rooms to the rear. It all depends on the functionality you require and the look you wish to achieve, but you won’t find an option with quite the same premium finish as shutters.  

When should you not use shutters?

As we’ve already mentioned, window shutters are a timeless choice, which means they work for almost any home. However, you may want to avoid investing in shutters in the following scenarios:
  • If you want to move imminently - While Perfect Fit shutters clip in and out of windows, they’re created to the exact size of your windows so may not be something you’ll take with you. 
  • During renovations - Shutters are strong and durable, but like any item in your home, are susceptible to damage during major renovations, so you may wish to reserve the fitting of your shutters for after the completion of any renovation project. 
  • If they don’t match the existing decor - This will be down to personal taste, but if you already have an established feel and mood for the room, you need to carefully consider whether window shutters will work as part of the larger picture.
  At Your Blinds Direct, we have over 30 years of supplying high-quality blinds and shutters for homes in the UK. Choose the perfect window shutters from our range to meet the demands of your space with an elegant solution. We’re members of the British Blind & Shutters Association (BSSA), so you can count on us to provide a superior product and service no matter which room you’re styling. Order your Perfect Fit window shutters online or contact us for further support and advice.