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Cotton White | Perfect Fit Lite Shutter

Perfect Fit Lite Shutters can be fitted within minutes. No mess, no fuss, no screws, they just click to your windows. Handmade in the UK.

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Key Features

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Perfect Fit Lite Shutters represent a remarkable innovation in window treatment technology. Designed to seamlessly enhance your living space, these shutters offer unparalleled convenience. Their unique feature lies in their effortless installation, they simply click into place on your window frame without the need for drilling or screws. This means you can enjoy the benefits of stylish window coverings without any damage to your walls or windows.
The Cotton White colour is an off-white, calm shade, rather than the brighter white of the Arctic White.
Use our free sample service to make sure you get the right colour for you home.
Please note that Perfect Fit Shutters are designed to slightly overlap your window frame to help reduce the light.
You will require at least 23mm on all sides for this product to fit, this measurement would be from the edge of your visible glass.
The full shutter will be approximately 46mm wider and 46mm taller than your entered glass measurements.
If you’re still unsure about this, check out our measuring guide for a visual representation.
Your bead depth must be at least 18mm to allow the shutters to fit and operate correctly.

Design Features:

What truly sets Perfect Fit Lite Shutters apart is their ability to harmoniously coexist with your windows.
Designed to allowing your windows to open freely without the need to move the shutters, making them an ideal choice for those who crave both aesthetics and functionality.
Moreover, these shutters take up minimal space, ensuring a clean and uncluttered appearance, a distinct advantage over standard shutters.
Perfect Fit Lite Shutters redefine the way we think about window treatments, offering a perfect blend of style, convenience, and space-saving design.

The design of this shutter doesn’t require a surrounding frame; instead, the “shutter door” attaches directly to your window.
To control privacy or adjust the light, simply move the louvres using the tilt rod.
You can easily detach this type of shutter within seconds, making cleaning a breeze.

Made using high-quality PVC materials, the shutters are engineered for a prolonged lifespan and reliability, ensuring their durability.
Their aesthetic appeal seamlessly complements your home decor.

To accommodate wider windows, you can place multiple panels side by side within a single glass unit.
Each panel will have it’s own tilt rod, allowing for greater light control.
Taller shutters will receive an automatic inclusion of a dividing rail, which is an integral component of the frame, enhancing stability.
Shutters with a handle location at the bottom of the window will always have an odd number of panels.
We only use official components from Louvolite to manufacture these shutters.

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High Quality PVC

Wipe Clean


Moisture Resistant

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