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How To Clean Roller Blinds?

Apr 21 2021

Spring cleaning is a perfect way to refresh your home. With the start of a new season, most of us feel motivated to make changes and organise our living space. Window blinds are known as one of the products that people forget to clean. However, just like carpets and furniture, they need a deep clean from time to time to maintain looking good. In previous posts we explained how to clean Venetian and Vertical Blinds, today we will write about another popular blind type-Roller Blinds.

Roller Blinds in kitchen

Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds are a popular blind type because they are easy to operate and give you great control over light and privacy. They are a superb solution for various rooms in the house and generally easy to maintain & clean. Roller Blinds can be made from different fabric types, so be mindful that not all of them can be cleaned with ‘regular’ cleaners. Before you will start cleaning your blind check the fabric information so you know which products you can use. Most of the roller fabrics available on our website are made from polyester so they can be softly wiped with a damp cloth. If the fabric is made from PVC material, it means it's waterproof. Therefore, you can comfortably use water and light detergent to clean it.

Blue Roller Blinds in bathroom

How to clean Roller Blinds?

Generally, there is no need to detach your Roller Blind from the headrail to clean it. To maintain a clean look, try to dust your blinds on a weekly basis so the dirt won’t build up in the fabric. A fluffy duster or hoover with an upholstery attachment brush will be great to do that. Pull the blind's fabric down and start dusting from the top to the bottom.

Regular dusting should remain your blind looking good. However, if you see any stains or excess dirt, you can wipe the fabric with a damp cloth. Remember to use only non-solvent based cleaning products such as baby wipes or damp cloth to lightly wipe your blind. Make sure you won’t rub it too strong as it might change the colour of some fabrics.

Always dry your blind before you roll it up. If you won’t fully dry your blind a mould might build upon a fabric.

Kitchen Roller Blinds

Can I use a hoover to clean Roller Blinds?

Using a hoover to clean your blind is an effective way to quickly get rid of dust. However, we would only recommend it if you have a fabric attachment brush. Be gentle when you hoover your blind and use a low setting, so you won’t risk damaging the fabric.

Brown Roller Blinds Living room

Can I wash Roller Blind fabric in a washing machine?

Placing your Roller Blind in a washing machine might seem like a fast and easy solution, however, we would never recommend doing it. The fabric will be ruined if you attempt this cleaning method. Hand washing your Roller Blind the only safe cleaning method that we recommend.

Children bedroom Roller Blinds

How to clean mould from my Roller Blinds?

If you noticed a mould on your blinds you need to immediately clean it as it is dangerous for your health. There are various detergents available specifically for mould removal, but we cannot recommend that you use any of these as they may contain chemicals that will discolour or damage your fabric. The safest method for fabric cleaning is water-based baby wipes. Clean your blind by rubbing the fabric gently in small circles. Remember to air dry your blind before rolling it up.

PSA: If you have Motorised Roller Blinds then always be careful not to splash the motorised input when cleaning.


We hope that this blog post explained to you how correctly clean Roller Blinds. If you have any other question regarding to cleaning blinds leave us a comment down below or email us at support@yourblindsdirect.co.uk

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